Sunday, February 27, 2011

Project 64 Catch up

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I have mentioned that I was a little late in discovering Project 64.  I didn't find the website until the tail end of week 6.  The folks over there decided that they were going to have a 'catch up' post.  I combed my archives and managed to find some shots that contain the colors I missed.  So I will have a complete box of crayons when I'm done.

Week 1--Yellow Green

 I took this photo last week when we went bowling.  It was not deliberately taken of yellow green, but when I got home, I realized it would work.  If I had deliberately shot it, I would have taken a bunch so my son wouldn't have such a strange expression on his face.  Unfortunately, this is the only image I have where this color ball is so prominently featured.

Week 2--Carnation Pink

This photo was taken in September.  My daughter and I were riding what serves as a ski lift during the winter season gave us a nice ride up the mountain over Labor Day weekend.

Week 3--Chestnut

We went to the Big E in September, which is New England's version of the county or state fair.  This was a painted pumpkin in the Rhode Island state building.

Week 4--Robin's Egg Blue

My daughter's school celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday a few weeks ago; they were a bit early, as I know his birthday is actually this week.

Week 5--Gray

 My husband and I went on a short cruise around Boston Harbor back in September.  I see a lot of the correct shade of gray in the buildings, as well as some of the water.  We were lucky that the rain held off!

Week 6--Apricot


Week 6 was the week I discovered Project 64.  I only had a few hours to submit an apricot photo, so I submitted this one.  I have three kids, ages 2.5, 4.5 and 7, and each one decorated a gingerbread man for Christmas.  I love how you can see how the decorating skills progress with each age. 

Week 7--Indigo

This was last week's submission.  This was taken the correct week serendipitously, as I hadn't yet discovered the Project 64 website.

Week 8--Lavender

This week's submission. The first photo taken specifically for a Project 64 challenge.


  1. Gray is perfect!

    Welcome to the coloring fun!

  2. I haven't looked at many complete sets - but I am sure I will still place yours among the top. I love your choices.

    your daughter's pink nose is the perfect touch in your pink photo - a touch you didn't plan.

  3. Wonderful collection of photos. I was going to comment on a favorite or 2 but I like them all.