Saturday, February 19, 2011

Frame-A-Day: Week 1: 1/1-1/7

January 1--Happy New Year! This was taken at 12:02 AM...two minutes into 2011. I had told the older two that they could stay up until midnight, thinking that they'd drop by 9:30 or 10 AM the latest. Boy, was I surprised when they lasted until midnight! I was more tired than they were, I think.

January 2--Sweet Dreams, Boys--Second night for Imp in the big boy bed. The first night wasn't so bad once he settled down. I am not sure how long it will be before I feel confident in letting Earnest sleep on the top bunk and not worrying about either his falling or Imp climbing up and then falling.

January 3--Our Little Scholar--Trust is working on her homework prior to heading off to ballet.

January 4--Budding Engineer--Earnest and Imp received this train table for Christmas from Nana and Grampy and Imp is enthralled. Earnest has sort of outgrown it, but I think they'll both love it. Anyway, Imp gets up in the morning and makes a beeline for it. I shot these photos before he would even let me get him dressed. It's true love.

January 5--Can't hear you, Bert. I have a banana in my ear--This reminds me of that old Ernie and Bert exchange of "I can't hear you, Bert, I have a banana in my ear." Earnest grabbed his banana this morning and started saying "Are you going to the birthday party?" Sometimes he is so goofy.

January 6--Chess anyone?-- Trust received this chess game from Santa for Christmas. Grampy received one as well. I don't know how to play chess, either, but I thought she might enjoy the puzzle aspect of it. I admit that I thought it was electronic, so it's probably a waste for my dad, but oh, well. We'll see if she tries it'll probably require someone (me) sitting down with her to try it out.

January 7--Silhouette Debut--I tried out my Silhouette cutter last night for the first time. I'd say my first project was a hit. The kids loved their "I love you" messages, as did my husband. Note that in the interest of anonymity for now, I had to cut out the letters that are at the bottom of the photo. It did spell out "I love you Trust". You can see some miscellaneous letters behind her.


  1. Wonderful photos. We have that train table. Dustyn loves it!

  2. Love Trust's school desk! I didn't realize you had an old-fashioned one like that - LOVE it.

    Great blog - just starting to go through it now, and have made it this far. Can't comment too much today; too much going on, but it's fun seeing a daily peek into your world.

    And I of course love all the reading/sharing-themed photos of the kids - lovely!

  3. Sarah--That train table hasn't yet lost any of its intrigue, two months past Christmas.

    Kellemel--Yes. Chretien found it in someone's discard pile years ago. Thank you.