Sunday, August 28, 2011

Project 64: Blue

The color this week at Project 64 is blue.  Plain, simple blue.

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When I colored with my blue crayon, to me, the lettering in the above swatch matches rather than the background.  So, with that said:

Plenty of blue in this photo, but I think the bottom edge of the slide matches my coloring (and the letters) the best.  Alternatively, the tube matches the background of the swatch.

This was a fun, fun ride at an amusement park we visited last Monday.  It's called the "Mega-Wedgie" but we called it the toilet bowl.  Either way, it was great fun.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Frame-A-Day Week 34: 8/20-8/26

August 20--At Last--A friend of mine married her long, long time beau today.  They have been together almost as long as Chretien and I (11 years), so the time had finally come.  The groom is Jewish, and here we see the traditional hora being danced to Hava Nagila.  The wedding was a lot of fun, and included a spectacular display of fireworks, which Imp in particular really enjoyed.

August 21--Someday has Arrived--Back on July 6, we saw Earnest longingly watching a roller coaster next to the post which clearly showed that he was not tall enough to ride.  Due to a less stringent ride operator at a different amusement park, Earnest rode the Comet!  It was his first 'real' roller coaster and quite a ride, despite the casual appearance that Chretien is displaying with his trademark wave.

August 22--Down the Toilet Bowl--The official name of this ride is "Mega Wedgie", although calling it the toilet bowl works just as well.  Chretien, and later Trust and Earnest, loved it.

August 23--Sketching Spiderman--The kids haven't decorated our driveway in awhile, and Earnest created his own superhero masterpiece in a very short time today.

*August 24--Kindergarten Playdate--A kindergarten playdate at school was held today, where the incoming kindergarteners could come and meet new friends, play on the playground, and eat pizza.  Earnest is thrilled that a friend from daycare will be joining him at school.  The boys hadn't seen each other since June, and were so excited to be reunited.

August 25--Down on the Farm--We visited a local farm today for the first time. The kids really enjoyed it; there was a tram which took us to the U-pick area, where we got some peaches, and there was a huge play area where we spent most of our time. On a weekday during the off-season, it was a lot of fun and relatively quiet. It probably gets very busy as high season hits in another month or so.

August 26--No Fear--Chretien took this Smartphone photo at a playground and sent it to me with just the subject line "no fear". I quipped that we'd better not show my mother, especially given Imp's history at playgrounds. (Last summer he fell from a fairly low height and broke his hip.)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Project 64: Green yellow

This week's color at Project 64 is green yellow.

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I actually do have the common candidate photo for this:

and while I do like this, I figure I want to try something different for this color.

So, here we go...a little bit early for Halloween, but I did just take this photo this past week:

I think my daughter's rain slicker works for this; it helps that she had a green outfit on underneath to give the yellow the greenish tones that I needed for the match.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Frame-A-Day Week 33: 8/13-8/19

August 13--Air Show--We all went to an air show today.  My parents came along with us.  The highlight of the show were the Thunderbirds, who dazzled the adults with their theatrics.  Our kids were over the entire air show by then, which was too bad.  Maybe next time they'll appreciate it a little bit more.

August 14--A New Day has Dawned--Chretien and I got new cell phones today. They aren't just any cell phones...they are Smartphones, which have a whole slew of functions, including a camera (and camcorder, too). Sure, our old phones had a camera and we took a few photos with them, but we never knew how to get them off the camera. I think this new phone is going to be quite a bit different. Here we have one of the very first photos I shot with the phone. This photos was lightened a bit and the red eye was fixed. There likely will be a bit of a learning curve with the camera, as well as the entire Smartphone, but it should be fun.

August 15--Breakfast for Dinner Treat--Trust insisted on making cheesy bacon rolls as part of our breakfast for dinner tonight.  She did a good chunk of the preparation herself.

August 16--We are the Champions--Well, it's a bit of an exaggeration, but Earnest did receive his very first (participation) trophy for T-ball, which ended tonight. He was so proud of it, he asked to put it on the shelf in the kitchen for all to admire.  It was a good season and he's ready to try it again in the fall session.

 August 17--Batman!--Earnest has come a long way in conquering his fear of all masked men.  He met the Caped Crusader today.  Batman is pretty rare around the park, so this was a big deal, and despite the fact that Earnest was clad in his Spiderman swim trunks and flip flops, it was still a great moment.  It's doubtful Batman minded the mixed allegiance.

August 18--A Green Thumb?--Trust, Earnest and I had a tour of a farm today.  The tour was awesome.  We saw the loading dock, produce washing area, bakery, floral area, greenhouse, farm proper and hen house, complete with the pet llama, Belle.  The kids were given the opportunity to plant some lettuce to take home.  Hopefully, in a few weeks, we'll be ready for some salad.

*August 19--Hearts and Hands Bible School Finale--(This is not the actual picture)--Today was the last day of the Hearts and Hands Vacation Bible School.  Like the earlier two, this one involved a short recap of the week's activities, thank yous to volunteers and of course, singing.  Earnest has gotten a lot better with his involvement in these shows, going from none back in June to singing in the July 29th finale as well as today's.  Trust, of course, had no qualms about any of these.

I Heart Faces: Pets

This week's theme over at I Heart Faces is pets.  I am glad this isn't really a pet, but we did have a lot of fun on our visit to a swamp a few weeks ago.

I especially like the cautious peeking of my daughter. Makes me laugh every time I see the photo.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Project 64: Cadet Blue

The color this week at Project 64 is Cadet Blue.

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As an aside, I can't believe we're half-way through the box.  Granted, it'll be just about spring when we finish, but the first 32 went quickly.

I have a funny story about cadet blue.  My daughter, who is 7.5, is very into art and colors.  She actually has a pretty good eye, and will point out the week's color when we're out doing things.

When I showed her the swatch of this week's color, which seems to be one of those difficult ones which defy description (is it blue?  is it gray? is it purple?) and one color I'd never heard of before, she said, "Oh, I think that's cadet blue."  I was dumbfounded, and impressed.   She says she wants to be an illustrator and an author, and it wouldn't surprise me if she wound up doing that.

Anyway, the other funny (or ironic) thing is that I found cadet blue while attending an air show at an air force base.  The first thing that usually pops into my mind when I hear the word "cadet" is the military.

The sky is a perfect shade of this color, I do believe.

The show was very good as well.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Frame-A-Day Week 32: 8/6-8/12

This was probably the least inspired week I've had in a long time for this project.  I know that it's mostly because I didn't run all around and take the kids to lots of places which usually allow for fun photos.

August 6--Reach for the Stars--...or at the very least, try to prove that you are taller than your mom is when you're wearing your brand new ice skates.  Earnest took this picture, and I didn't have time to fix the settings or set up the timer before the battery died.  Hence, the funky color and the like.

August 7--Woodworker--Trust got a wild hair with a little help from a sign she saw at Home Depot about a pencil case workshop and she decided she wanted to give making her own wooden case a try. Since we didn't make the workshop, Chretien purchased the supplies and helped her make one at home.

August 8--Thinking of Nana--This hydrangea is planted right outside the front of our house.  It was part of the funeral basket of flowers we ordered for my grandmother's funeral over four years ago.  I love how every summer it grows just that much bigger and lovelier.  Ironically, the height of the beauty hits right around her birthday, which would have been this week.  Happy birthday, Nana.

August 9--Our Little Lefty--This summer we signed Earnest up for T-ball for the very first time. Chretien has been taking him, but tonight we all went so that I could get some photos. Earnest has been performing as well as any of the other four to six year olds who are out there, slugging it out and (attempting) to field the balls that are hit.

August 10--Smashed Potatoes--Earnest received a Target gift card for his birthday back in June, which we promptly all forgot about until we were in Target last week.  So, we went back to Target a few days later and after a false start with a defective toy, he purchased a Transformers Hotwheels type track and this Smashed Potatoes Playdoh game, which all have enjoyed playing the past few days.  Wonder if we can get a shake with those fries that Imp is making here.

August 11--Steady Freddy--Imp, Chretien and I mall this morning. We let Imp frolic in the play area for awhile. He does love to climb, even structures that weren't really meant to be scaled.

I had the hardest time with the lighting here, as well as the shutter speed. Ugh.

August 12--The Music Man--I took the kids to the children's museum again tonight. The balls shown here are connected to tubes of various sizes. The kids, Earnest in particular, love pushing and squeezing the balls to produce sounds of differing pitches.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Project 64: Forest Green

Another week has whipped on by.

is the color over at

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I took my younger son to a farm this week, and one of the highlights for him was getting a drink from this forest green water fountain:

I find it very amusing about how excited I get when I accidentally find the week's color in the course of my travels.  It's so much more enjoyable than having to stage something on Sunday morning. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Frame-A-Day Week 31: 7/30-8/5

July 30--LimberJack and Jill--I took all three kids to the library for a special story time and craft on lumberjacks, since this weekend the Lumberjack World Championship was being held in Wisconsin.  The kids each made a limberjack or jill toy, similar to the wooden ones that dance on planks.  After their jacks and jills were made, they competed in log rolling (toilet paper rolls) and tree chopping, shown here.  This was one of the better library crafts we have had this summer.

*July 31--Goin' Down the River--We went to the amusement park today and enjoyed the water park. Here, we see Trust, Imp and I floating down the lazy river. So relaxing!

August 1--Lean on Me--Chretien was showing Imp a computer game we borrowed from the library.  This scene just made me say "Awwwwww."

*August 2--Keep Your Cool in the Summer--(This is not the actual photo, but it was taken at the same time as the one I'm using)--This is the second summer that Trust has continued her skating lessons.  It's worked out beautifully, as there are normally only three or four kids in her class.  It's practically a private lesson!  Here, we see Trust taking a short break.

August 3--Sweet Boy--Although he had been acting fresh right up until this photo was taken at the farm, Imp just sort of suddenly stopped and donned his "sweet boy" persona.  It's times like this that I am reminded of how our decision to have a third child almost four years ago turned out to be a really, really good idea.

August 4--Day-o!--Chretien took Imp to the library for a Caribbean story, song and craft hour, complete with the making of a beach with a clothespin man in a hammock, catching some rays.

August 5--Dinosaur Dandy--I took all three to the kids' museum tonight for one of their free Friday evenings.  This was the first time we've ever played in the front yard in the sandbox as well as with the mascot Bessie.