Sunday, August 14, 2011

Project 64: Cadet Blue

The color this week at Project 64 is Cadet Blue.

project64 button

As an aside, I can't believe we're half-way through the box.  Granted, it'll be just about spring when we finish, but the first 32 went quickly.

I have a funny story about cadet blue.  My daughter, who is 7.5, is very into art and colors.  She actually has a pretty good eye, and will point out the week's color when we're out doing things.

When I showed her the swatch of this week's color, which seems to be one of those difficult ones which defy description (is it blue?  is it gray? is it purple?) and one color I'd never heard of before, she said, "Oh, I think that's cadet blue."  I was dumbfounded, and impressed.   She says she wants to be an illustrator and an author, and it wouldn't surprise me if she wound up doing that.

Anyway, the other funny (or ironic) thing is that I found cadet blue while attending an air show at an air force base.  The first thing that usually pops into my mind when I hear the word "cadet" is the military.

The sky is a perfect shade of this color, I do believe.

The show was very good as well.


  1. very good find, and I love that the color find this week goes well with "cadet". Unfortunately I couldn't find cadet blue in anything military related even though my husband is in the Air Force.

  2. I think the sky matches perfectly. Love a good airshow. Haven't been to one since hubby was in the Air Force (long long time ago) but lots of cool jets and planes fly over our house on the way to and from the International Show,north of here

  3. I do believe you are spot on with this week's color!

  4. You have a smart daughter and a Great find! I too first thought of army/air force related things when I fist heard and colored with cadet blue, but it never quite found me until the end! Thanks for linking up!

  5. Perfect picture for Cadet Blue! And too funny that your daughter knows the color - I've never heard of it either!

  6. Perfect picture ... especially for the name of the color.