Saturday, July 30, 2011

Project 64: Raw Sienna

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When I saw this color, I immediately wished it were autumn, because we have pretty nice autumns here and I'm sure I could have captured something in nature for this. 

In an ironic twist, though, I took my daughter to the craft store for a project that they do on Wednesday afternoons, and they are thinking ahead and have tons of autumn items already stocked.

Here is my submission:
This entire image sort of gives me the impression of raw sienna, especially the lower right corner and the scarecrow's hat.

I'm not ready for summer to be over, but at least the autumn colors are something to look forward to.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Frame-A-Day Week 30: 7/23-7/29

July 23--Never Too Old--We went to a playground after dinner tonight.  Chretien shows us that you're never too old to ride the tire swing and play.

July 24--It Just Looks Like a Box--The boys must have enjoyed our trip.  When I asked them what they were doing with the air conditioner box, they told me they were flying on an airplane.  The best part?  They could both fit in it and close the top.  They'll likely be looking for more legroom, though.

July 25--Sous Chef--With the older two off at Vacation Bible School, it gave Imp the perfect opportunity to help me in the kitchen.  We were making chicken tacos, and he enjoyed dumping the ingredients into the crockpot with gusto.  Too bad he didn't relish the dinner as much as its preparations.

July 26--Crazy Hat Day--It was Crazy Hat Day at Vacation Bible School today.  The kids knew immediately which hats they would wear; the ones they made on vacation with Gran.  Although they didn't win any prizes, I still think their hats were the most unique by far.

July 27--Nappy's Puppets--Trust and I went to a shadow puppet show at the library today.  The puppeteer was Jim Napolitano, better known as Nappy. 

July 28--Mohawk Man--Following on the heels of the successful "Crazy Hat Day", we had "Crazy Hair Day" today.  Earnest sported a simple Mohawk style with a little bit of gray to distinguish him.

July 29--He's Got the (Holy) Spirit--Today was the last day of vacation bible school Chretien, Imp and I went to watch the kids sing a few songs.  Earnest has made progress, as he did not participate in the end of camp songs at the end of the festivities at VBS in June. 

I have a request.  It just occurred to me that in September, I am going to have a problem on 14 Wednesdays to easily capture a picture on those days.  When teaching starts up again, I will have to leave my house by 7 AM, and I also teach an evening class on Wednesdays, so I won't be back home until about 9:15.  Sure, I can try to capture a photo of the kids in the morning before I run off, but I'm sure I'll forget on some days.  By 9:15 in the fall, it'll be dark when I arrive home, so I won't be able to run outside and do something there.  I am thinking of stockpiling ideas so I'll have something to photograph that day, so if you can suggest possible subjects, I'd appreciate it so I'll have something to photograph if I don't get something in the AM on those Wednesdays. 


Monday, July 25, 2011

Project 64: Wisteria

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This week's color is wisteria.
We were on vacation for most of last week.  I didn't have my crayon with me when I looked at the color last week from the road, but I think I did OK.

I found quite a few examples of wisteria in a warehouse which houses the props for Mardi Gras.  The new props and floats are created there as well.

The problem is that the photo I thought I was going to use turned out not to be wisteria at all.
Nope, not even close once I compared it to the real thing.

But all is not lost.  I went back and looked at the many photos I took in the warehouse, because I knew I had seen that shade of purple.

Here are a few:

Oh, but the background squiggles in this one are wisteria.

The models here are a good match, too.  Too bad the photo isn't more interesting.

I wish I could use this one, but the fact that my son has his eyes closed kind of ruins it.  But you can see a lot of sparkly wisteria in his costume.

So, I'm going to go with this last one as my submission.  While wisteria doesn't predominate the shot, it is present in the face in a few patches as well as the grapes at the bottom.  The gentleman in the photo is working on this prop, which will be included in one of the many Mardi Gras parades next year.

I will also add that if you are ever in New Orleans, you should definitely pay a visit to Mardi Gras World.  It is a lot of fun.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Frame-A-Day Week 29: 7/16-7/22

Still on vacation for most of week 29.  I'm all thrown off, because I keep thinking we're still in week 28.

Is anyone else in shock that we hit day 200 this week?  How is that possible?

Anyway, here we go...

*July 16--Visit to Chretien's High School--We visited Chretien's high school today, who boast him and my mother-in-law and father-in-law as graduates.  We toured the campus as part of Chretien's reunion festivities.  The tour ended in the renovated cafeteria, and of course the kids decided they had to climb up on the folded tables.  Here we see Earnest modeling the dinosaur hat that he created with Gran last night while we were out at the Meet and Greet.

July 17--Friendship Oak--We stopped and visited the Friendship Oak on our drive back to the city today.  This tree was a sapling when Columbus sailed into the Caribbean!  So hard to believe it is over 500 years old.  Those who enter its shadow are said to remain friends throughout their lifetime, no matter where fate may take them.  Just lovely--both the tree and the sentiment.

July 18--See Ya Later, Alligator--Today we took a tour of a swamp.  We saw alligators, raccoons and various birds which live in the swamp.  We also had the opportunity to hold a 15 month old alligator.  It was surprisingly soft.

July 19--A Reprieve on a Hot Day--We visited the zoo today.  It is a great zoo, with lots of exhibits and surprisingly, shade.  The kids managed to have a rest in the branch of a lovely tree, similar to the Friendship Oak we visited two days ago.

July 20--For the Birds--We went to the aquarium and visited a parakeet area contained inside.  We purchased feed sticks and had fun feeding the parakeets that would alight on your hands, arms and head.  Imp in particular loved the birds as we can clearly see here.

July 21--Hot Tub Treat--On our last morning of vacation, we took a final swim in the pool.  The kids had been begging to go in the hot tub, and we finally capitulated.  Looks like a nice way to end our vacation.

July 22--Bunking Brothers--At age 3+, Imp is still in a crib.  Back in January, we had the boys sharing the lower, full-sized bunk for about a week, until strep throat hit and we had to separate them.  We never got around to trying again.  But now, however, with a week of sleeping in a big kid bed with one or another of his siblings, Imp is probably ready to try.  This time, we will try just moving Earnest up to the top bunk and letting Imp have the entire lower bed.  We'll see how it goes...

Project 64: Macaroni and Cheese

We've been on vacation and I'm just now having the chance to post my entry for this week's Project 64.

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The color this week is macaroni and cheese.

I got very lucky while we were away. I actually have quite a few different subjects that meet the bill, but in the interest of time, I'm just going to go with my submission.

Looks like we actually found Nemo during one of activities on the trip.

Frame-A-Day Week 28: 7/9-7/15

We've been on vacation for a week, so I'm trying to catch up.

July 9--Moo!--I took the kids to a local farm today.  There was a free ice cream tasting as well as the chance to milk Hazel Holstein.  We all enjoyed the various flavors of ice cream, sherbet and gelato on a glorious Saturday.

July 10--Catch a Wave--We hit a salt-water beach today.  Trust brought the boogie board she received as a birthday party favor and had a lot of fun trying to surf in the ocean.

July 11--Hodio Tonada (Whoa!)--Everyone attended an event at our local Montessori school tonight.  We had hot dogs and ice cream, and then we were treated to a performance by Alex the Jester, who speaks only Grammelot during his performance.  Trust was rewarded with a gold medal and a high five from Alex for her ability to throw a ball into a net.

July 12--Dinner Al Fresco--Chretien cooked a wonderful meal of kabobs with steak tips, tomatoes, red peppers, onions, squash and potato.  He also grilled corn on the cob.  We ate outside in shifts.  Trust had skating and by the time she and I returned home, it was time for Earnest and Chretien to leave for his first T-ball practice.  Still, though, it was delicious!

July 13--We Be Jammin'--We went to kids' concert today at a local park and met up with some friends there.  Trust, Imp and one of our friends enjoyed skipping to their tunes.

July 14--Back to School?--Well, not really.  We started our vacation today and had dinner with family and friends at a barbecue joint.  Here we see Earnest and Imp playing with one of them at the blackboard that ran the length of one wall at the restaurant.

July 15--Let Freedom Ring--On our way to the beach, we stopped and paid a visit to the USS Alabama.  While we didn't actually tour the battleship, we did walk around the grounds and enjoy the views of many planes which flew during World War II.  The kids enjoyed ringing this very large (and loud) bell.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Project 64: Sea Green

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This week's color is sea green.

This was a tough, tough color for me.  I think I finally figured out why.  It's not really a color that occurs in nature...and it's not a color that is often chosen in everyday objects...or even objects at an ocean, and believe me, I looked when we went to the ocean this week.
See?  Plenty of blues and greens, but sea green was elusive.  I guess the ocean needs to be a sea, and maybe I'd have found it there?  ;-)
But I did find it in nature, so to speak:
Not the most beautiful representation of this color, but I think I did it.  And, since I teach microbiology, I'll thank the fungus for helping me out.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Frame-A-Day Week 27: 7/2-7/8

July 2--Fire in the Sky--Trust, Earnest and I went to view fireworks tonight. We had gone to this same spot two years ago, and the kids fondly remembered running down a large hill while we waited for the festivities to start. So history repeated itself.

July 3--And For My Next Trick...--Chretien has been working on this bench for the last week or so.  Although it still needs to be painted, it's mostly done.  Trust and Earnest are hiding out in the storage compartment, and to me, it reminds me of a magic trick of sorts.  Who knows what Imp has up his sleeve next, but knowing him, it's probably trouble?

July 4--Happy Independence Day--We went to my parents' house for a big meal of brisket, mashed potatoes, carrots, and peas at lunch time. Dessert was ice cream pie and chocolate dipped strawberries. Yum! At night, we went to a local drive-in and saw Cars 2. It was a very atypical Fourth of July, but the kids did dress the part.

July 5--Water Gun Fun--When you're a kid, it really doesn't take much to have a lot of fun in the sun...a small pool, a water soaker, and a little help from your big brother is all you really need.

July 6--Someday--We went to the amusement park with my sister, niece and nephew today. Earnest adores watching roller coasters, and cannot wait to be big enough to ride them. Here, he is wistfully watching and we can clearly see he has a few more inches before he can ride. In a surprising twist, I actually did ride this was my first wooden 'big girl' coaster, and I was proud of myself, as was Chretien, who rode with me and let me squeeze his arm. Now that's love.

July 7--Trust Got Spooned--Trust, Earnest and I went to a local library and were entertained by Jim Cruise (aka "The Spoonman") today. He makes a living playing regular kitchen teaspoons set to songs of all types. Of course, when he asked for volunteers, Trust's hand shot up and she was selected. He played the spoons off her head while getting her to make sounds and play along with his act. He also had a good message for kids, about saying no to drugs, getting an education and listening to both teachers and parents. I can definitely get behind him on those counts.

July 8--Hee Haw--What do you get when you mix a rainy day with dress up clothes?  This adorable little cowboy, complete with a dirt-smeared face.  So typically Imp.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Project 64: Red

The color this week over at Project 64 is red.

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This is probably one of the few colors that we've had where we all know for certain what it looks like.  There are no surprises when we color on our papers and the crayon and the color on the paper should match pretty well.  In addition, I love red and it would be very easy to find and shoot.  So, an easy week, right?

Of course, it's also Independence Day weekend, and I decided to try to shoot fireworks and get my red there.  It's the first time I have tried to shoot them on manual, and I even brought a tripod.  We went to a very small-town display, so I don't have many grand shots, but I do have a nice one of red that I'm going to use for my red submission here:

I like how it sort of looks red, white and blue, but the smoke is definitely pure red. What is interesting is when I enlarge it on my monitor, it's pretty bright. I didn't expect that.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Frame-A-Day Week 26: 6/25-7/1

How are we half-way through this project already? I can't believe this is week 26.

June 25--Goin' on an Adventure--The kids came downstairs this morning with their bags packed, stating that they were going on an adventure.  Don't they look well prepared?  They made it as far as the backyard.  Despite the familiar grounds, there are likely plenty of adventures to be had in your own backyard, no?

June 26--Ready for Take Off--Today Chretien took the boys to an air show.  I stayed home with Trust because she had two birthday parties to attend.  Here we see Earnest modeling a pilot's helmet.

June 27--Is She 14?--Every once in awhile, we get a photo of one of the kids which clearly shows what they're going to look like in years to come.  Here, I feels like Trust looks like she's at least 14 or so.

June 28--Library Craft--While the older two were at Vacation Bible School this morning, Imp and I went to story-song-craft time at a local library.  It was a very nice program, where the librarian actually tried to teach the kids about shapes and didn't just read a few stories.  Here, we see Imp's craft project.  I helped him with the placement of the house itself, but he placed the red chimney, yellow sun and orange window and he added the sticker stars.  He was quite proud of his house.

June 29--My Beautiful Balloon--Trust experienced a little bit of heaven this afternoon.  We went to the library and created this giant hot air balloon as part of their summer reading program launch.  Then onward to our regular Wednesday craft time at our local craft store, but rather than just one craft activity, it was an open house with many activities, including the bracelet she is wearing.

June 30--Watermelon Grin--Trust and Earnest attended Vacation Bible School this week.  Tonight was the grand finale, which involved songs, the final piece of a skit the kids have been following all week, and a picnic, complete with hot dogs, uncooked S'mores and, of course, watermelon.

July 1--Slip Slidin' Away--Our first visit to the water park this year.  We realized that Imp is tall enough to do some of the water slides, and he was in heaven, as we would have anticipated.