Sunday, July 10, 2011

Project 64: Sea Green

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This week's color is sea green.

This was a tough, tough color for me.  I think I finally figured out why.  It's not really a color that occurs in nature...and it's not a color that is often chosen in everyday objects...or even objects at an ocean, and believe me, I looked when we went to the ocean this week.
See?  Plenty of blues and greens, but sea green was elusive.  I guess the ocean needs to be a sea, and maybe I'd have found it there?  ;-)
But I did find it in nature, so to speak:
Not the most beautiful representation of this color, but I think I did it.  And, since I teach microbiology, I'll thank the fungus for helping me out.


  1. I thought you had a few close contenders in those beach umbrellas!

  2. It was hard for me too and even at this point I'm not sure I matched it perfectly but it was fun. You had great finds!

  3. This was a harder color for me to find in nature to this week.
    You got it though...the fungus is perfect...but some of those beach umbreallas could have worked too.