Saturday, July 2, 2011

Frame-A-Day Week 26: 6/25-7/1

How are we half-way through this project already? I can't believe this is week 26.

June 25--Goin' on an Adventure--The kids came downstairs this morning with their bags packed, stating that they were going on an adventure.  Don't they look well prepared?  They made it as far as the backyard.  Despite the familiar grounds, there are likely plenty of adventures to be had in your own backyard, no?

June 26--Ready for Take Off--Today Chretien took the boys to an air show.  I stayed home with Trust because she had two birthday parties to attend.  Here we see Earnest modeling a pilot's helmet.

June 27--Is She 14?--Every once in awhile, we get a photo of one of the kids which clearly shows what they're going to look like in years to come.  Here, I feels like Trust looks like she's at least 14 or so.

June 28--Library Craft--While the older two were at Vacation Bible School this morning, Imp and I went to story-song-craft time at a local library.  It was a very nice program, where the librarian actually tried to teach the kids about shapes and didn't just read a few stories.  Here, we see Imp's craft project.  I helped him with the placement of the house itself, but he placed the red chimney, yellow sun and orange window and he added the sticker stars.  He was quite proud of his house.

June 29--My Beautiful Balloon--Trust experienced a little bit of heaven this afternoon.  We went to the library and created this giant hot air balloon as part of their summer reading program launch.  Then onward to our regular Wednesday craft time at our local craft store, but rather than just one craft activity, it was an open house with many activities, including the bracelet she is wearing.

June 30--Watermelon Grin--Trust and Earnest attended Vacation Bible School this week.  Tonight was the grand finale, which involved songs, the final piece of a skit the kids have been following all week, and a picnic, complete with hot dogs, uncooked S'mores and, of course, watermelon.

July 1--Slip Slidin' Away--Our first visit to the water park this year.  We realized that Imp is tall enough to do some of the water slides, and he was in heaven, as we would have anticipated.


  1. Awesome photos this week. Love the helmet photo and the last two. Looks like a fun week. Thanks for linking up.

  2. Great photos! Love the one with the watermelon! It brought a smile to my face as I'm sure it does yours. The water slide looks inviting!

  3. I love the watermelon grin! It made me chuckle a little. I also love that they packed their bags for an adventure. Too sweet. Have a great 4th!

  4. The watermelon picture could not be cuter!