Monday, February 28, 2011

I heart faces--Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

This week's challenge at I Heart Faces is "Anything But a Face".

I think this photo fits the bill.  This was taken after a scenic ride on a chairlift to the top of the mountain. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Project 64 Catch up

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I have mentioned that I was a little late in discovering Project 64.  I didn't find the website until the tail end of week 6.  The folks over there decided that they were going to have a 'catch up' post.  I combed my archives and managed to find some shots that contain the colors I missed.  So I will have a complete box of crayons when I'm done.

Week 1--Yellow Green

 I took this photo last week when we went bowling.  It was not deliberately taken of yellow green, but when I got home, I realized it would work.  If I had deliberately shot it, I would have taken a bunch so my son wouldn't have such a strange expression on his face.  Unfortunately, this is the only image I have where this color ball is so prominently featured.

Week 2--Carnation Pink

This photo was taken in September.  My daughter and I were riding what serves as a ski lift during the winter season gave us a nice ride up the mountain over Labor Day weekend.

Week 3--Chestnut

We went to the Big E in September, which is New England's version of the county or state fair.  This was a painted pumpkin in the Rhode Island state building.

Week 4--Robin's Egg Blue

My daughter's school celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday a few weeks ago; they were a bit early, as I know his birthday is actually this week.

Week 5--Gray

 My husband and I went on a short cruise around Boston Harbor back in September.  I see a lot of the correct shade of gray in the buildings, as well as some of the water.  We were lucky that the rain held off!

Week 6--Apricot


Week 6 was the week I discovered Project 64.  I only had a few hours to submit an apricot photo, so I submitted this one.  I have three kids, ages 2.5, 4.5 and 7, and each one decorated a gingerbread man for Christmas.  I love how you can see how the decorating skills progress with each age. 

Week 7--Indigo

This was last week's submission.  This was taken the correct week serendipitously, as I hadn't yet discovered the Project 64 website.

Week 8--Lavender

This week's submission. The first photo taken specifically for a Project 64 challenge.

Project 64 Lavender

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This is the first photo I deliberately shot for the sole purpose of the Project 64 challenge; I just discovered the website about 10 days ago and used recent photos for the apricot and indigo challenges.  When the color was first revealed, I knew immediately what I would photograph, as my daughter has a lavender hat.  Interestingly, the hat that I was originally thinking of turned out to be too purple when compared with the actual color; therefore, she is modeling a hat we all considered pink until now.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Frame-A-Day: Week 8: 2/19-2/25

NapTime MomTog Project 365

February  19--Speed Demon--Earnest has taken seven ski lessons since January eighth and he loves it.  Loves it.  Today Trust, Imp and I drove to the mountain to watch him and I wished we could have stayed longer.  He would fly down the mountain, and as soon as he'd finish one run, he'd go over to the chairlift to start again...Lather, rinse, repeat.

 February 20--Video Game, Old School--The boys were hanging out in Trust's room, playing a Thomas game with her old LeapFrog Clickstart computer. 

February 21--Bowling---We went bowling today.  It was fun and we all did relatively the same.  Good thing there were bumpers, or the scores would have probably been in the 40s rather than twice that.  The ramps definitely helped the kids with their aim and hoisting the heavy balls.

February 22--Balancing Act-- Imp received this trampoline for Christmas to help with his (lack of) jumping.  However, as shown here, he prefers to walk around its edge rather than use it how it was intended.

February 23--M & M Ears--I created my own "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" today; Trust accompanied me to school.  She got to see one of my friends who adores her.  G promptly went to the bookstore and purchased M & M candy in red plastic hearts for each of the kids.  When we returned home, the kids opened up the hearts and proclaimed them "M & M ears", presumably a sort of plasticized earmuff.

February 24--Looking for Lavender--I discovered the "Project 64" website last week; a Crayola crayon is selected each week and readers post a photo which features that color.  Today was the first day I deliberately shot a photo for the sole purpose of that challenge.  When the color was first revealed, I knew immediately what I would photograph, as Trust has a lavender hat.  Interestingly, the hat that I was originally thinking of turned out to be too purple when compared with the actual color; therefore, she is modeling a hat we all considered pink until now.

February 25--Sleeping Like a Baby--I hadn't taken any photos of sleeping kids in a long time.  I would do it a lot when they were babies, and then pretty much stop.  Imp is becoming less and less baby-like with each passing day, so I figured I'd strike when I could.  He's normally up with the birds, and today he slept in past 6:30 and so I was up first.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Project 64 Indigo

This is my second entry in Project 64, and I did shoot this last week, but it was prior to discovering the site so I wasn't intentionally looking for indigo.  However, I figure there is plenty of indigo in this photo of one sort or another.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Frame-A-Day: Week 7: 2/12-2/18

This is my first post for Nap Time Mom Tog's Project 364. I had started doing my own "Frame-A-Day" back on January 1, and I found her blog last week. After much internal debate, I am sharing my photos here through her blog. I did upload the first six weeks and if you are interested, they are posted prior to this post.
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Shall we begin?

February 12--There were three in the crib??-On February sixth, we had "There were three in the bed," but it was really the floor of the family room. This morning, we had a more surprising variation of this...three kids in the crib?? They seem to enjoy the coziness.

February 13--Strike a Pose--We took a walk around our neighborhood with the sole purpose of capturing the height of these crazy "snowbanks". I think we need a whole new word for what we have now. A snowbank isn't taller than the average person, you know?

It's possible Earnest thought he was modeling for a JC Penney catalog or something. The boots make you invincible to the elements, you know.

February 14--Valentine Fun--Trust packing up the Valentines she and I made for her classmates with the Silhouette cutter, mainly on one snow day a few weeks ago. On the back, there is a Valentine word search.

February 15--Hot Dog Dance--Mickey Mouse is a favorite of Imp's of late. The boys were watching an episode of "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" and Trust came in at the end to do the "hot dog dance" that concludes each episode. In a coincidental twist, hot dogs were on the menu for dinner tonight as well.

February 16--Bookworm--Trust and I made a trip to the library this afternoon. Trust selected a "Thomas" book to bring home for Imp. When Imp spied the book and quickly retreated to the family room for some quiet reading time before dinner. The delight on his face in 'reading' delights Mommy and Daddy to no end.

February 17--Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss--Trust's school threw its annual birthday party for Dr. Seuss the night of February seventeenth. He would have been 108 years old on March second. The regular cast of characters were there, including the Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Sally, the Grinch and others. Third grade teachers read Seuss favorites and then the kids enjoyed cookies and milk before heading home to bed.

February 18--Wishful Thinking--Today reached 59 degrees! Trust went to play in the snow but decided to swing as we do in nicer months...just about one more month until spring!

Frame-A-Day: Week 6: 2/5-2/11

February 5--Watercoloring Thomas and Friends--- Imp found these Thomas color with water cards this morning and he played with them for most of the day. He even took them in the car with us. Despite using his right hand in this photo, in all of the other photos I shot, he's a lefty. I wonder which he truly is.

February 6--There were three in the bed...or on the floor, under blankets. Trust and Earnest came downstairs this morning with their pillow pets, and Imp had to run to get his. They camped out on the floor for awhile under our two super soft blankets.

February 7--Game for Washington--Trust has a George Washington project for social studies; she has to complete at least 100 points from a list of various ideas. Superstars will complete 150 points. So our superstar has opted to draw an illustration with a written description (25 points), create an activity book (her own idea, 50 points) and make a game (75 points). Here she is putting finishing touches on her game, which is based on Candyland.

February 8--Reunited----Tonight was a fundraiser at a local pizza place for the boys' former daycare. We haven't seen anyone there since the end of October, when Imp started at the new daycare. Here we see Earnest's former teacher giving Earnest a hello kiss. We also saw other families and staff.

February 9--Show Me the Money--Nana and Grampy sent everyone a Valentine with $10 in each. It seemed to make Imp very happy.

February 10--No More King!--This is a close up of Trust's George Washington game that we saw her working on on February 7th. King George is particularly testy...just look at those angry eyebrows.

February 11--Waddle Lee Ah Cha--Trust's school had their annual Winter concert today. I couldn't go, but Chretien, Mom and Dad went. Each grade sings two songs, complete with hand gestures, with a winter theme. The second grade did "Waddle Lee Ah Cha" and "Sixty Million Snowflakes".

Everyone knows Waddle Lee Ah Cha, right?

Waddle lee ah cha
Waddle lee ah cha
Doodle lee do
Doodle lee do

Waddle lee ah cha
Waddle lee ah cha
Doodle lee do
Doodle lee do

Simplest thing
Isn’t much to it
All you got to do is
Doodle lee do it

I like the rest
but the part I like best
goes doodle lee
Doodle lee, Do Woo

Frame-A-Day: Week 5: 1/29-2/4

January 29--First Penance--Trust's first penance was held at the same church the boys' baptisms were. She had a question to ask during the examination of conscience ("Do I use God's name only in prayer?")

January 30--Discovering Magnetism--Imp is fascinated with the ability of the crane to lift his engines. Excitedly, he showed me how this works this morning.

January 31--Superhero Comic Books--Earnest, Trust and I went to the library yesterday. Earnest raced over to the hardback comic books and proceeded to request that I check out about 8 or so. Here, Earnest points out Captain America.

February 1--Uncle!-- Earnest and Trust finally ventured out into the backyard after these numerous snowstorms. Where did his legs go?

February 2--Sunday School Homework...on a Wednesday--After the first penance service on Saturday, we were given a book with some exercises to do prior to First Communion. It was a bit surprising, since Trust will still go to Sunday school. We took advantage of today's snow day to do the first one.

February 3--Coincidental Color Coordination--Love the inadvertent matching of Imp's clothes and his Tonka truck.

February 4-Family Fun Night at Trust's School--Last night, Trust's school had a fundraiser. There was pasta, salad and bread donated by a local restaurant and we paid $15 for the five us to eat dinner, make Valentines and take our chances with raffles. The kids had fun.