Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I heart faces--red

This is my inaugural entry in the
I Heart Faces weekly contest. The theme this week is red. In a previous post here, I debated which photo to post. I tried to take some yesterday, since red was abundant, to no avail.

I still had a difficult time choosing. I finally went with this photo, because the red was the most prominent. I got the impression that the red should almost be one of the subjects, and not just a coincidence that the main subject was wearing red. When I viewed my photos this way, I felt that in some, the red was more of a coincidence. This is my dad and my son on Christmas Eve, presumably sharing a cup of good cheer.


  1. Such a sweet Christmas Eve memory :)

  2. Laura--Thank you.

    Sls--Yes, one I will certainly remember.