Saturday, February 19, 2011

Frame-A-Day: Week 6: 2/5-2/11

February 5--Watercoloring Thomas and Friends--- Imp found these Thomas color with water cards this morning and he played with them for most of the day. He even took them in the car with us. Despite using his right hand in this photo, in all of the other photos I shot, he's a lefty. I wonder which he truly is.

February 6--There were three in the bed...or on the floor, under blankets. Trust and Earnest came downstairs this morning with their pillow pets, and Imp had to run to get his. They camped out on the floor for awhile under our two super soft blankets.

February 7--Game for Washington--Trust has a George Washington project for social studies; she has to complete at least 100 points from a list of various ideas. Superstars will complete 150 points. So our superstar has opted to draw an illustration with a written description (25 points), create an activity book (her own idea, 50 points) and make a game (75 points). Here she is putting finishing touches on her game, which is based on Candyland.

February 8--Reunited----Tonight was a fundraiser at a local pizza place for the boys' former daycare. We haven't seen anyone there since the end of October, when Imp started at the new daycare. Here we see Earnest's former teacher giving Earnest a hello kiss. We also saw other families and staff.

February 9--Show Me the Money--Nana and Grampy sent everyone a Valentine with $10 in each. It seemed to make Imp very happy.

February 10--No More King!--This is a close up of Trust's George Washington game that we saw her working on on February 7th. King George is particularly testy...just look at those angry eyebrows.

February 11--Waddle Lee Ah Cha--Trust's school had their annual Winter concert today. I couldn't go, but Chretien, Mom and Dad went. Each grade sings two songs, complete with hand gestures, with a winter theme. The second grade did "Waddle Lee Ah Cha" and "Sixty Million Snowflakes".

Everyone knows Waddle Lee Ah Cha, right?

Waddle lee ah cha
Waddle lee ah cha
Doodle lee do
Doodle lee do

Waddle lee ah cha
Waddle lee ah cha
Doodle lee do
Doodle lee do

Simplest thing
Isn’t much to it
All you got to do is
Doodle lee do it

I like the rest
but the part I like best
goes doodle lee
Doodle lee, Do Woo


  1. Sweet photos. That blanket looks so comfy!