Saturday, February 19, 2011

Frame-A-Day: Week 3: 1/15-1/21

January 15--Happy Birthday, P--Today was Trust's friend P's birthday. She has known P for more than three years, as they both attended Kindercare as three year olds. They took Creative Movement dance together as well. The birthday party was at a Pump-It-Up, and Trust continued to wear the party hat at home, hours after the party ended. All the kids wore their hats at the party happily, which sort of surprised Mommy. Must be the shininess.

January 16--What's Cookin'?--
Trust helped Chretien cook the beef stroganoff. It was good.

January 17--Sled Hill, with a special appearance by Mommy--
I can't resist using this photo for the Frame a Day project. How often do you think I'm even photographed? We went over to the big sled hill down the street. Imp does not like the cold and kept asking to go home. It was a nice way to spend MLK Day morning. (The Frame-A-Day project for me is snapshots of the life of my family, so it's appropriate that I'm in it once in awhile. Obviously, I won't have taken all the photos, then.)

January18--Fun with Daddy--Imp and the other kids often have some post-dinner fun with Daddy. Tonight was no exception.

January 19--My Favorite thing--Like Linus of Charlie Brown fame, Earnest has a trusty security blanket that helps him relax. Here, he is watching a little bit of "Charlotte's Web" before school.

January 20--Snuggling with Mommy--I am amazed. Chretien just grabbed the camera and took a few photos of me and the boys, without my having to ask. Wow. Twice in one week. Amazing.

January 21--Don't Break the Ice--Imp received this game for Christmas and he loves breaking the ice. Sorry, skater boy.


  1. Yay for being in photos. That rarely happens here.

  2. Sarah--I agree. I'm in none of the February ones that I'm using for my Frame-A-Day book.