Friday, February 25, 2011

Frame-A-Day: Week 8: 2/19-2/25

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February  19--Speed Demon--Earnest has taken seven ski lessons since January eighth and he loves it.  Loves it.  Today Trust, Imp and I drove to the mountain to watch him and I wished we could have stayed longer.  He would fly down the mountain, and as soon as he'd finish one run, he'd go over to the chairlift to start again...Lather, rinse, repeat.

 February 20--Video Game, Old School--The boys were hanging out in Trust's room, playing a Thomas game with her old LeapFrog Clickstart computer. 

February 21--Bowling---We went bowling today.  It was fun and we all did relatively the same.  Good thing there were bumpers, or the scores would have probably been in the 40s rather than twice that.  The ramps definitely helped the kids with their aim and hoisting the heavy balls.

February 22--Balancing Act-- Imp received this trampoline for Christmas to help with his (lack of) jumping.  However, as shown here, he prefers to walk around its edge rather than use it how it was intended.

February 23--M & M Ears--I created my own "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" today; Trust accompanied me to school.  She got to see one of my friends who adores her.  G promptly went to the bookstore and purchased M & M candy in red plastic hearts for each of the kids.  When we returned home, the kids opened up the hearts and proclaimed them "M & M ears", presumably a sort of plasticized earmuff.

February 24--Looking for Lavender--I discovered the "Project 64" website last week; a Crayola crayon is selected each week and readers post a photo which features that color.  Today was the first day I deliberately shot a photo for the sole purpose of that challenge.  When the color was first revealed, I knew immediately what I would photograph, as Trust has a lavender hat.  Interestingly, the hat that I was originally thinking of turned out to be too purple when compared with the actual color; therefore, she is modeling a hat we all considered pink until now.

February 25--Sleeping Like a Baby--I hadn't taken any photos of sleeping kids in a long time.  I would do it a lot when they were babies, and then pretty much stop.  Imp is becoming less and less baby-like with each passing day, so I figured I'd strike when I could.  He's normally up with the birds, and today he slept in past 6:30 and so I was up first.


  1. Great shots! I love the one with your daughter peeking over that rail with the lavender hat! Cute!

  2. How fun. Love the skiing and bowling photos. Your daughter is so cute. Thanks for linking up.