Saturday, March 31, 2012

Best Photo for March

Click It Up A Notch

This month, it was pretty easy.
My older son, reaching for the skies. 

Quarterly Top 5 Photos

Wow, this year is flying by. I seem to always be saying that. I think it's a sign of growing older. When you're a kid, time creeps by, and then when you want it to slow down as you age, it doesn't.

Enough philosophizing. It's too early in the morning, anyway.

Here are my top five photos for this quarter:

This is my favorite photo for this entire time period.  Mainly because I finally was able to freeze the motion so well.  I also love his expression and the height.

I do like this photo a lot, but was bummed about the blurriness.  I am fairly certain that this lens has a back focusing issue.  Quite often, what is behind the subject is very clear (see my husband?) and when I'm taking the photo, what I intend to be in focus looks fine.  Anyway, this was the first time my youngest was on skis.  Since we didn't have a ton of snow this year, it's remarkable that we were even able to try this out.

Since this isn't a contest, I am going to include this photo.  It's too bad the settings on my camera weren't right.  It was one of those moments that I just shot because it happened so quickly and I didn't have time to adjust.  I did try to lighten it, and this is AFTER that attempt, so you can imagine how dark it was to start.  I do love her expression.

Love this of my daughter lost in thought.  She was working on a special research project for school.

I love the framing of this one. My daughter was very upset because she had just learned that she wasn't going to be able to meet a children's author that she was highly anticipating. (This did have a happy ending, because we later learned that the timing would work to our benefit, so she did wind up meeting the author.)

Project 64: Tan

Tan was the color at Project 64 a few weeks ago:

project64 button

My tan kitties fit the bill quite nicely for this color.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 12: 3/18-3/24

March 18--Come Fly Away--My older kids were getting good and high on our swings today--so high that Earnest earned a medal...Nah, he got it at the birthday party he attended earlier, but it does add to the motion of the photo.  I have to say that this is one of my most favorite swing photos ever.  I think I got the freezing the motion just right.

March 24--On Becoming a Children's Author--Trust's authors project was due today, although the presentation isn't for another three weeks.  This tri-fold board represents a lot of work as well as her dream to someday be a children's author.  We are so proud of her for all the hard work it took to finish this research project.  Obviously, Trust had some help with this.  The teacher told me that we could/should really help with anything technical, since the point of this project is for the kids to learn the research project and not struggle with typing or in our case, working with computer applications.  They could research a topic of their own choosing, so Trust decided to write a book explaining to kids how to become an author of children's books.  Trust did a great job with writing the text (with some editing from me), but she outlined what was going to go on each page, chose all the layouts, colors, photographs.  I offered some suggestions about which types of photographs to use on a page, but of course, she had final say as to whether we went with an idea or not, and once the photos were taken, she picked the ones she wanted.  The actual book (and not just this tri-fold poster) will be completed after she meets the final author this upcoming Friday.  Until now, we just put the completed pages (using Walgreen's software, since they can quickly print the final book for us) on the poster. 

March 20--Bringing Home the Bacon--Chretien took Imp to the store to pick up a few items. Imp reported that he had his own cart with his own "fings". If there were any doubt, the sign would clarify this, of course.

 March 21--Bubble Blowing--Imp finally finished up his potty chart last night, and this was the prize that he had selected about two months ago. Of course, he had to wait until this morning to try it out, but he enjoyed the big bubbles he could make.

March 22--Any More, Earnest?--This photo is misleading. Trust actually built this, and the boys are admiring her handiwork in this photo.

March 23--Sad, Sad Girl--Trust was quite upset today when she learned that we won't be able to go to my nephew's school to see the final author for her authors' project, since the author  is not presenting at the school until 9:45, which makes Trust too late to her own school, and she would be missing center work/spelling test.  She wanted to go for a bike ride after school to try to feel better, and we even hit a playground, but it was of no use for a few hours.  Fortunately, she was better by the time dinner rolled around.

March 24--Kids are Kids--Trust's Brownie troop had a swimming event at a local pool.  Here we see her friend goofing around with her.  So funny to me that kids have been doing such things behind their friends' backs for generations, and probably will well into the future.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 11: 3/11-3/17

This was a good week because I was off from school for spring break.

March 11--This is not the actual photo for the day, but in order to preserve anonymity, I am posting this one from the same day instead. I do like this photo quite a bit. Earnest is really enjoying his ride on the swing.

March 12--Spring is in the Air--Kids came home from school, shed their winter coats and long sleeves, donned T-shirts and baseball caps to keep the sun out of their eyes and played outside.  It was so wonderful to open the windows for awhile today.  There was that definite scent you get when spring is approaching.

March 13--One Hundred Years--The craft store was supposed to be having a Girl Scout craft demonstration yesterday, but ours opted not to partake.  However, since we were there, we decided to make our own craft for the girls and leader of Trust's troop to mark the 100th birthday of the Girl Scouts.  The foam charms were shortbread, the peanut butter sandwiches and patties, and of course caramel delites and thin mints.  Strung with a green ribbon and voila--instant cookie necklace!

 March 14--Start Me Up--Chretien and I had the day to ourselves with everyone in school.  We treated ourselves to lunch at a newish local place which is modeled after a garage.  Not surprisingly, part of the decor were model engines such as this one.
March 15--Lots of Flowers?  Spring Is Really Coming!--I attended a garden show today.  Unlike last year, when I was accompanied by Imp, this year I had the entire day to myself, just me and my camera.  I had a great time!

March 16--A Milestone for Me-Today was a big day for me.  I went skiing!  Granted, I went once 16 years ago, but that almost doesn't count, because I got no lesson and wound up taking off the skis and walking down the hill.  I have to say, I had a great teacher this time around (Chretien), and he taught me enough so I could go down an easy (but somewhat lengthy (for me)) hill twice.

March 17--Céad Mile Fáilte--Or, if you don't know Gaelic, one hundred thousand welcomes. Earnest made this leprachaun and brought it home the other day. This is my nod to today's holiday.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 10: 3/4-3/10

March 4--Rummikub Rivals--Trust's friend came over today for a playdate. Here we see Trust giving her friend S hints on how to play Rummikub, which Trust just learned to play two nights ago. They also played the Wii and starting planning and making the menus for their own American Girl cafe, which they want to open in another few weeks. What will they be serving? Various soups, appetizers, salmon and "bottomless" glasses of beer for $6.99 and wine for $7. I told them that their restaurant would be quite a hit with those deals.

March 5--Gingerbread (Man) House--Trust finished up her folktale project tonight.  Can you guess which folktale she chose?  This project includes a decorated stage and several finger puppets.  Thankfully, Chretien did a bit of the work for this, since I have been fairly busy helping her with the authors project.

*March 6--Choices, Choices--Super Tuesday here.  Since I'm officially unaffiliated, I opted for the Republican ballot today.

March 7--Shall We Dance?--Trust loves the game Kidz Bop on the Wii. Earnest usually is shy and just watches. Today Trust managed to get him to agree to try a dance. Here they are dressing his Mii to get ready for his big dance.

March 8--Think Spring!--Sixty-two degrees on my drive home from work.  Tomorrow afternoon Spring Break begins.  Life is looking good right now.

March 9--A Promise of What's To Come--Following along from yesterday's springy temperatures, I spied these flowers trying to peak out in our next door neighbor's yard. It was a nice little burst of color among the browns of the lawns right now.

March 10--Brownie Bowling--Some of Trust's Brownie troop went bowling with their 'pals' today.  The pals were their dads.  This was the second year the Council hosted this event.  Despite this photo, the score wasn't actually tracked.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project 64: Violet Red

This week's color is violet red:

project64 button

I do try to get a photo with a predominance of the color.  In this case, though, I am going to deviate because I just like this photo a lot and am pleased with how sharp the marbles are.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 9: 2/26-3/3

February 26--Off We Go!!--The kids love to ride their bikes, no matter what the weather. We just bundle up and keep on truckin'.

February 27--An Act of Contrition---This apology letter and peace offering is a result of a huge argument that Trust and Earnest had this afternoon while they were racing against each other in Mario Kart.  From the parental perspective, both kids actually were in the wrong, so it was nice that Trust attempted to make amends with her brother.  The goodies are in a felt pouch which she sewed herself and included some baubles and a few coins.  When I set up the photo, I was amused that the coins were gone.  Earnest is no dummy!

February 28--Sweets for the Sweet--Enjoying a little post-dinner chocolate orange pieces.

February 29--A Bear Hug--Pasta Night at Imp's daycare, and after consuming pasta, meatballs, bread, juice, and treats made by Imp and his friends, Earnest chilled out with a friend.

March 1--It Does Come In Like a Lion--After a relatively quiet winter, we had our first snowy commute today--on March 1!!  The funny thing is that while it's been snowing off and on since yesterday afternoon, it has also rained so the accumulation is only a few very slushy inches.

*March 2--Would you Like a Side of Fries with That?--Just Imp and I went to the museum tonight.  Here we see him serving dinner to a few other patrons.  Although this is not the best photo I took tonight, I have to include it as it clearly shows how easily my child can charm perfect strangers.  

March 3--The Micro Monkeys--Trust worked on a novel today.  Although she has written chapter books, this is her first attempt at a full length novel.  It's about micro monkeys, which, of course, are imaginary.  But it's a catchy subject, no?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Best Photo for February

It's time for Courtney's monthly "I Clicked It Up A Notch" monthly contest.

Click It Up A Notch

I am going to go with this one of my son getting a bear hug.
Doesn't he look comfy?