Saturday, March 10, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 10: 3/4-3/10

March 4--Rummikub Rivals--Trust's friend came over today for a playdate. Here we see Trust giving her friend S hints on how to play Rummikub, which Trust just learned to play two nights ago. They also played the Wii and starting planning and making the menus for their own American Girl cafe, which they want to open in another few weeks. What will they be serving? Various soups, appetizers, salmon and "bottomless" glasses of beer for $6.99 and wine for $7. I told them that their restaurant would be quite a hit with those deals.

March 5--Gingerbread (Man) House--Trust finished up her folktale project tonight.  Can you guess which folktale she chose?  This project includes a decorated stage and several finger puppets.  Thankfully, Chretien did a bit of the work for this, since I have been fairly busy helping her with the authors project.

*March 6--Choices, Choices--Super Tuesday here.  Since I'm officially unaffiliated, I opted for the Republican ballot today.

March 7--Shall We Dance?--Trust loves the game Kidz Bop on the Wii. Earnest usually is shy and just watches. Today Trust managed to get him to agree to try a dance. Here they are dressing his Mii to get ready for his big dance.

March 8--Think Spring!--Sixty-two degrees on my drive home from work.  Tomorrow afternoon Spring Break begins.  Life is looking good right now.

March 9--A Promise of What's To Come--Following along from yesterday's springy temperatures, I spied these flowers trying to peak out in our next door neighbor's yard. It was a nice little burst of color among the browns of the lawns right now.

March 10--Brownie Bowling--Some of Trust's Brownie troop went bowling with their 'pals' today.  The pals were their dads.  This was the second year the Council hosted this event.  Despite this photo, the score wasn't actually tracked.


  1. Great shots. yay for new plants coming up.

  2. I love your Mar.7 photo, very sweet. Yay for Spring!!