Saturday, March 3, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 9: 2/26-3/3

February 26--Off We Go!!--The kids love to ride their bikes, no matter what the weather. We just bundle up and keep on truckin'.

February 27--An Act of Contrition---This apology letter and peace offering is a result of a huge argument that Trust and Earnest had this afternoon while they were racing against each other in Mario Kart.  From the parental perspective, both kids actually were in the wrong, so it was nice that Trust attempted to make amends with her brother.  The goodies are in a felt pouch which she sewed herself and included some baubles and a few coins.  When I set up the photo, I was amused that the coins were gone.  Earnest is no dummy!

February 28--Sweets for the Sweet--Enjoying a little post-dinner chocolate orange pieces.

February 29--A Bear Hug--Pasta Night at Imp's daycare, and after consuming pasta, meatballs, bread, juice, and treats made by Imp and his friends, Earnest chilled out with a friend.

March 1--It Does Come In Like a Lion--After a relatively quiet winter, we had our first snowy commute today--on March 1!!  The funny thing is that while it's been snowing off and on since yesterday afternoon, it has also rained so the accumulation is only a few very slushy inches.

*March 2--Would you Like a Side of Fries with That?--Just Imp and I went to the museum tonight.  Here we see him serving dinner to a few other patrons.  Although this is not the best photo I took tonight, I have to include it as it clearly shows how easily my child can charm perfect strangers.  

March 3--The Micro Monkeys--Trust worked on a novel today.  Although she has written chapter books, this is her first attempt at a full length novel.  It's about micro monkeys, which, of course, are imaginary.  But it's a catchy subject, no?


  1. That's so neat your daughter is working on a novel about micro monkeys! Something y boys would read for sure! I can see she's in deep thought about it too.

  2. Fun photos. I love the first one and the last one. Looks like a great week.