Sunday, March 18, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 11: 3/11-3/17

This was a good week because I was off from school for spring break.

March 11--This is not the actual photo for the day, but in order to preserve anonymity, I am posting this one from the same day instead. I do like this photo quite a bit. Earnest is really enjoying his ride on the swing.

March 12--Spring is in the Air--Kids came home from school, shed their winter coats and long sleeves, donned T-shirts and baseball caps to keep the sun out of their eyes and played outside.  It was so wonderful to open the windows for awhile today.  There was that definite scent you get when spring is approaching.

March 13--One Hundred Years--The craft store was supposed to be having a Girl Scout craft demonstration yesterday, but ours opted not to partake.  However, since we were there, we decided to make our own craft for the girls and leader of Trust's troop to mark the 100th birthday of the Girl Scouts.  The foam charms were shortbread, the peanut butter sandwiches and patties, and of course caramel delites and thin mints.  Strung with a green ribbon and voila--instant cookie necklace!

 March 14--Start Me Up--Chretien and I had the day to ourselves with everyone in school.  We treated ourselves to lunch at a newish local place which is modeled after a garage.  Not surprisingly, part of the decor were model engines such as this one.
March 15--Lots of Flowers?  Spring Is Really Coming!--I attended a garden show today.  Unlike last year, when I was accompanied by Imp, this year I had the entire day to myself, just me and my camera.  I had a great time!

March 16--A Milestone for Me-Today was a big day for me.  I went skiing!  Granted, I went once 16 years ago, but that almost doesn't count, because I got no lesson and wound up taking off the skis and walking down the hill.  I have to say, I had a great teacher this time around (Chretien), and he taught me enough so I could go down an easy (but somewhat lengthy (for me)) hill twice.

March 17--Céad Mile Fáilte--Or, if you don't know Gaelic, one hundred thousand welcomes. Earnest made this leprachaun and brought it home the other day. This is my nod to today's holiday.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful week. Love that place you all went. how fun. Those flowers are beautiful.