Saturday, September 24, 2011

Frame-A-Day Week 38: 9/17-9/23

Wow, less than 100 photos to go in this Project 365 as we hit day 265 this week. It's the homestretch!

September 17--This Time, It's Official--Earnest started the fall session of T-ball at the YMCA last Saturday. Like summer, Chretien wound up as coach for the yellow team. Unlike summer, however, this time it's official as he even got the T-shirt.

September 18--Let's Go for a Hayride--We went for our annual apple picking adventure today.  We had to ride the hay ride to get to the orchard with the pears, and we stocked up on our apples while we were there as well.  The kids got a kick out of the hay ride, as it was the first time we had ridden it.

September 19--Back to the Boards--The renovation at our regular rink is complete enough so Trust could start skating lessons there last week. She is in the equivalent of gamma now, and the Monday night class is similar to what she experienced this summer with only two or three other skaters in it. How nice to have a semi-private lesson.

September 20--Rolling Along with Roley--The little Bob the Builder cars were received by Trust over five years ago...and while they've been left outside and generally abused by three kids now, they still work well enough for Imp to have fun with Roley today.

September 21--Breakfast Bagel--Imp has discovered bagels and asks for one for breakfast quite often.  We obliged him this morning.

September 22--Book Bingo--Today was an early release Thursday, and the Main Library was having Book Bingo for the older kids.  It was wonderful to see Earnest in a pseudo academic setting, raising his hand to answer the clue to Blueberries for Sal, paying attention to his Bingo card and winning prizes just like the older kids, including Trust.  He's growing up.

September 23--Bedtime Brothers--The boys were having fun with the parrot puppet right before bed tonight. I love seeing them play together.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Project 64: Sepia

This is my 100th post! Not bad, considering I just use this for various photo challenges each week.

Anyway, this week the color over at Project 64 is sepia. I actually feel on top of things, since I shot this one today and am posting it the same day (and I'm ready for the link to be opened, instead of scrambling to get it posted on the site before the link closes down!)

project64 button

A few weeks ago, I had a huge craving for cinnamon rolls.  I found this recipe on and we all loved them.  Last night, I decided to make them again, and this time, I added pecans. 

Oh, my.

And how delighted was I this morning when I realized that I could use my breakfast as my submission for sepia? 

There are even leftovers...I wonder who will be the lucky one to have them tomorrow...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Project 64: Blue Violet

The color this week at Project 64 is blue violet.

project64 button

I mentioned on my Frame a Day post that I am having a busy, uninspired time as I transition back to work this fall.  I am getting last week's color in just under the wire, although I did take this shot during the correct week.

Granny's skirt is my match. It's not the best match I've done, but I wanted to be sure to submit my entry before I missed it completely.

Frame-A-Day Week 37: 9/10-9/16

More of the same as far as lack of inspiration.  Some of it is the going back to work thing, and I'm just not home with my regular subjects (kids) to get some fun shots.  Some of it is just not feeling all that inspired.  I think when fall truly arrives (and not just the cold weather that has sort of caught everyone off guard), I'll be back in it.

But for now, this week's shots:
September 10--When You Wish Upon a probably have sweet dreams. At least, I hope he did.

September 11--This Little Piggy--We went to a local fair today. It was a nice little fair, complete with the expected barnyard animals,an array of delicious junk food, and midway fun.

September 12--Zippy New Sneakers--Trust needed new sneakers with better traction for soccer, so we went to Kohl's today to buy some basic sneakers. She is showing off how quickly she can run down one of the aisles, now that she is wearing her new sneakers. I knew exactly how she felt; so light on her feet with the new sneakers.

On another note, I just can't get the hang of the camera on my Smartphone. However, in this case, my unsteady hand adds to the illusion of her fast running, so I'm fine with it.

*September 13--First of (Many, Many) Homework Assignments--Imp had his first ever homework assignment--an "All About Me" page to complete.  Chretien interviewed him to complete questions like his favorite colors, friends and food.  Trust and Chretien both helped him color the page, and I printed out a family photo, a photo of Imp, and a photo of Miney and Moe for his pets.  All in all, a true family effort.  (Note that the real photo is of the homework assignment, but in the interest of Internet security, I can't post it.)

September 14--Lazing Around--This photo of Trust watching a show was taken at 6:25 AM. The kids get up early, especially with my new schedule this semester of leaving between 6:30 and 6:45 AM. They are intent on sending me off in the morning, but it makes for a long morning for Chretien with a school start time of 9:10 for Trust and Earnest.

September 15--Goin' on Vacation--Imp came downstairs and announced that he was "Goin' on vacation."  He was all packed, except when he was probed for specific plans ("Are you going on an airplane?  No.  Are you driving?  No answer.) he hadn't seemed to have thought this out yet.  As an aside, this is one of those pictures similar to the one posted on June 27th of Trust, where we spy a little bit of what Imp is going to look like when he gets older.  He doesn't look like the sweet little boy here, does he?

September 16--Happy Birthday to Me--Today was my birthday. I had a regular work day, but the real fun started after school. We went back to our old stomping grounds in had dinner with the kids at a restaurant we hadn't been to in seven years. Then, home for a deliciously rich cake and 'nesents' as Imp calls presents.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Frame-A-Day Week 35: 9/3-9/9

This has been an extremely uninspired week.  I went back to work, and it's busy with the start of a new semester, so taking pictures is taking a back seat right now.  We had three solid days of rain to boot, so some of the pictures I did take were forced to be inside my very dark house.

But anyway, I did get some photos, so here we go.

September 3--A Yard of Popcorn--Trust and I went to a craft fair today. I couldn't resist the kettle corn on the way out. I used Chretien as an excuse to bring the big bag home as a gift for 'him'.

 September 4--Pick a Puppet, Any Puppet--Cleaned out the bedroom this morning and found various puppet kits which the kids had fun playing with.  Trust is sharing her creativity with the camera.

September 5--Just the Two of Us--Here are Chretien and I with our traditional ride on the merry-go-round to finish off another busy day at an amusement park.  We're chilling on one of the big seats with the kids are on the horses behind us.

September 6--Triple Time Out--Tonight was not a great night in our household.  All three kids were acting like they were possessed when I got home from my first day back at work.  Chretien and I both had enough and gave them time outs in separate corners.  To their credit, the kids stayed put for the most part.

September 7--Tough Guy--Not sure what Imp is doing here, but this was the first of the fourteen photos I need to take on Wednesdays, when I'll be out of the house from roughly 6:30 AM to 9:00 PM.  Thankfully, I now have a Smartphone that can take decent photos when I'm away from the kids, but I would still prefer to take photos of our life and not just my life.

September 8--Who is this Third Grader?--Trust is working on her homework, which was to color and complete the figure with words, pictures, colors and even numbers to describe who she is and what she knows at the beginning of third grade.  Do we sense that we'll have an "end of third grade" Doppleganger sometime in June?

September 9--Bitten Boy--Although you can't see it in this photo, Imp had just been stung, mostly on his face, by about 6-7 yellow jackets which have a nest under our deck.  He had tried to retrieve a soccer ball and met with some resistance.  It was a bit harrowing, as I held his head in my lap as Chretien examined him and removed a few stingers.  As soon as the last one was removed, Imp proclaimed that he felt better, but I still called the doctor.  That made us all feel better, as she believed that any severe swelling would have occurred by the time we were speaking.  Poor baby.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Project 64: Melon

project64 button

The color at Project 64 is melon.

I heard this one was difficult.  I got very lucky, as I look at the color every day in my placemats. 

These placemats have a ton of colors, but the best match to melon are the threads framed by the fork and knife.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Frame-A-Day Week 35: 8/27-9/2

Ever since I've had my kids, when I see week "X", I think pregnancy.   This week is especially poignant to me, as both Trust and Earnest were born during week 35 of my pregnancy.  This project, however, will take a bit longer to complete...sort of like a pregnancy and a half in my world for my older two.

OK, so what do we have for Week 35?  

August 27--Happy Birthday, Grampy--We all celebrated Grampy's birthday a bit early today, with dinner at a local pizza place.  Here we see Trust sharing the card she made for him and giving him a birthday hug.

August 28--Come On, Irene--Hurricane Irene hit our street with a vengeance.  Thankfully, this isn't our house, but our neighbors' three doors down.  We did a double take as we drove by and snapped this photo.  Luckily, there was no damage to the house. 

August 29--T Minus One and Counting--Tomorrow is the big day!  It's the first day of grades 1-12 as well as kindergarten orientation.  Unlike his sister, who treats the first day of school as a Christmas equivalent, Earnest says he's scared.  Here's to hoping that the orientation will help calm his nerves for his first full day on Wednesday.

August 30--First Day of School--The traditional pose of the kids on the front steps the first day of school. 

August 31--First (Real) Day of K--Rather than just drop Earnest off at the driveway for his first official day, I parked across the street and we all walked over to the school.  It all went off without a hitch, save a few quick tears (surprisingly from me, not Earnest).

*September 1--Author!  Author!--After school today, Trust and Earnest were making books. I wonder if Trust's passion for writing and drawing is going to rub off on her brother.

September 2--Flying High--The kids had fun in the backyard before dinner. Both Trust and Earnest made a decent attempt at reaching for the sky.