Saturday, February 19, 2011

Frame-A-Day: Week 5: 1/29-2/4

January 29--First Penance--Trust's first penance was held at the same church the boys' baptisms were. She had a question to ask during the examination of conscience ("Do I use God's name only in prayer?")

January 30--Discovering Magnetism--Imp is fascinated with the ability of the crane to lift his engines. Excitedly, he showed me how this works this morning.

January 31--Superhero Comic Books--Earnest, Trust and I went to the library yesterday. Earnest raced over to the hardback comic books and proceeded to request that I check out about 8 or so. Here, Earnest points out Captain America.

February 1--Uncle!-- Earnest and Trust finally ventured out into the backyard after these numerous snowstorms. Where did his legs go?

February 2--Sunday School Homework...on a Wednesday--After the first penance service on Saturday, we were given a book with some exercises to do prior to First Communion. It was a bit surprising, since Trust will still go to Sunday school. We took advantage of today's snow day to do the first one.

February 3--Coincidental Color Coordination--Love the inadvertent matching of Imp's clothes and his Tonka truck.

February 4-Family Fun Night at Trust's School--Last night, Trust's school had a fundraiser. There was pasta, salad and bread donated by a local restaurant and we paid $15 for the five us to eat dinner, make Valentines and take our chances with raffles. The kids had fun.


  1. That is A LOT of snow. I am so glad we don't get that much. ha ha.

  2. Sarah--We normally don't get quite this much snow, either.