Friday, August 19, 2011

Frame-A-Day Week 33: 8/13-8/19

August 13--Air Show--We all went to an air show today.  My parents came along with us.  The highlight of the show were the Thunderbirds, who dazzled the adults with their theatrics.  Our kids were over the entire air show by then, which was too bad.  Maybe next time they'll appreciate it a little bit more.

August 14--A New Day has Dawned--Chretien and I got new cell phones today. They aren't just any cell phones...they are Smartphones, which have a whole slew of functions, including a camera (and camcorder, too). Sure, our old phones had a camera and we took a few photos with them, but we never knew how to get them off the camera. I think this new phone is going to be quite a bit different. Here we have one of the very first photos I shot with the phone. This photos was lightened a bit and the red eye was fixed. There likely will be a bit of a learning curve with the camera, as well as the entire Smartphone, but it should be fun.

August 15--Breakfast for Dinner Treat--Trust insisted on making cheesy bacon rolls as part of our breakfast for dinner tonight.  She did a good chunk of the preparation herself.

August 16--We are the Champions--Well, it's a bit of an exaggeration, but Earnest did receive his very first (participation) trophy for T-ball, which ended tonight. He was so proud of it, he asked to put it on the shelf in the kitchen for all to admire.  It was a good season and he's ready to try it again in the fall session.

 August 17--Batman!--Earnest has come a long way in conquering his fear of all masked men.  He met the Caped Crusader today.  Batman is pretty rare around the park, so this was a big deal, and despite the fact that Earnest was clad in his Spiderman swim trunks and flip flops, it was still a great moment.  It's doubtful Batman minded the mixed allegiance.

August 18--A Green Thumb?--Trust, Earnest and I had a tour of a farm today.  The tour was awesome.  We saw the loading dock, produce washing area, bakery, floral area, greenhouse, farm proper and hen house, complete with the pet llama, Belle.  The kids were given the opportunity to plant some lettuce to take home.  Hopefully, in a few weeks, we'll be ready for some salad.

*August 19--Hearts and Hands Bible School Finale--(This is not the actual picture)--Today was the last day of the Hearts and Hands Vacation Bible School.  Like the earlier two, this one involved a short recap of the week's activities, thank yous to volunteers and of course, singing.  Earnest has gotten a lot better with his involvement in these shows, going from none back in June to singing in the July 29th finale as well as today's.  Trust, of course, had no qualms about any of these.

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  1. Great photos. I love the one of batman. So fun. Looks like a wonderful week. Thanks for linking up.