Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pre-trip Planning: Day 9--Valdez

We have a reservation on the Stan Stephens Columbia Glacier tour.  This tour is 6 hours long, and takes you out into Prince William Sound as far as the Columbia Glacier.  There is a longer one, to Meares Glacier, but I figured that 6 hours would be long enough for this first ride.  A light lunch is provided, so we won't have to bring our sandwiches this day.  

I waited and watched for discounts for this trip, but none came around.  I hurriedly booked it one night when I visited the site and noticed that there were only five spots left on the one date that we could do this trip. 

I have subscribed to all sorts of Alaska newsletters, and in an ironic twist, about a month after I booked it I noticed a discount code in one of them to save 15% off of all the cruises.  I called and received a credit for that amount. 

This tour will take up most of the day.  I would like to pay a visit to the Solomon Gulch Hatchery as well.  Hopefully, we'll also see some bears, sea otters, sea lions, and other wildlife along Dayville Road.

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