Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pre-trip Planning: Day 5--Denali--> Fairbanks

We have an early-ish morning raft trip planned for this day.  It's the earliest reservation we've had scheduled yet, but that should be OK as it will give us time to do other activities once it's complete.  Again, this was part of the package we got with the cabin reservation. It's the calmest trip they have, which should be fine for us.

We should be done around lunch time.  At that point, we can do anything we might have missed in Denali, or more likely, we'll start heading toward Fairbanks.  Since we are staying in Healy, it might make more sense to just move on, since Denali is the opposite direction.  We have nothing planned in Fairbanks for this day, so if we get there early enough, we can do something which I'll outline on the next days.

We are staying in another Choice brand hotel.  I had looked at another hotel which was cheaper, but it did not include breakfast.  After doing some math, Chretien and I decided that we probably couldn't feed everyone breakfast for two days with just the $57 difference between the two nights lodging at the two hotels, so we stuck with the Choice hotel.  We have two nights in Fairbanks, and I have a list of possible activities for us.

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