Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pre-trip planning Day 3: Talkeetna --> Healy (Denali)

This day we are planning on doing a flightseeing trip to get a better view of Denali--weather permitting, of course.  Chretien and I have done a helicopter trip around Mt. St. Helen's many years ago, and we also did a small plane trip to Orpheus Island on our honeymoon in Australia, so at least the parents have experience with flying in a small plane.  The flight is scheduled for 9 AM.  We are not doing a glacier landing, because we are trying to keep the expenses in mind and there are many other adventures we have planned.

The plan after the flight is to head out of Talkeetna and head towards Denali.  Depending on the time, we might try to get there to see the dog demonstration (maybe the one at 4 PM?)  We need to stop at the Wilderness Access Center and pick up our shuttle tickets for the next day.  Perhaps we'll do the Visitors' Center, or drive the first 15 miles with the minivan.  Again, we aren't going to rush when we don't have to, so if we miss out on something, it's probably because we were having fun where we were.

We have plans to stay in cabins again in Healy.  This time, we have two cabins, because they only each sleep four and it would be a squeeze to get a fifth kid in there, even sleeping on the floor.  We got a decent rate on the two cabins (early booking plus discount on package on rafting), so it turns out that we really aren't paying more than we would have for just one room elsewhere.  The cabins have access to a kitchen, so again, we can take advantage of that, if we want, to save $$ on dining.    This is the first reservation that I paid for entirely up front, and I sort of like that, so we won't have such a large credit card bill when we return in July.

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