Sunday, April 30, 2017

Alaska Pre-Trip: Anchorage

We are flying into Anchorage, as many do.  We'll get the rental minivan at the airport (see last post--actually was cheaper at airport).  I have one of the Choice Hotel brand hotels booked--we use them a lot when we travel.  They aren't luxury by any means, but many of them in the chain aren't a bad place to spend a night or two.  They often have rooms which accommodate all five of us easily, with an extra sofa or something of that sort.  The best perk is that they offer free hot breakfast and for this trip, we'll take a free breakfast wherever we can.  I will say that food is the one thing that is concerning me the most for my family of five.

This first day is one of the few days where I don't have a clear idea of what will happen after we get the minivan and go to the hotel.  I have no idea how tired we will be, since it will probably be around 2 PM before we drop everything off (and that translates to our already traveling for more than 12 hours).  I suppose lunch of some sort will be in order.

I think if we are feeling up to it, what is on top of my list of what to do this first day is the Tony Knowles Trail.  I have this vision of renting bikes, but in reality, we'd probably just walk it for a little bit.  Another option might be the Alaska Native Heritage Center.  We will also have time at the end of our trip to check out Anchorage, so this isn't the only day we can do anything here.  There is also the zoo, the William Jack Hernandez Sport Fish Hatchery, or Flat Top Mountain.  I have learned with my family that we never get to all the options, but we usually have a good time and enjoy what we do see...and there is always the hotel's pool, if we just want to chill out this first day.

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