Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pre-trip Planning: Day 10--Valdez--> Mat-Su Valley

This day is essentially a travel day.  We have nothing planned, so we can visit some of the things we missed on the way down.  We have reservations at a cabin near the Matanuska Glacier.  The cabin will have a full kitchen, so we could re-stock groceries in Glenallen and eat in the cabin.  We have a $50 deposit paid for this lodging.

I am not certain if we will pay for a walk on Matanuska Glacier.  I have read such terrific things about it.  However, the price is a concern, as well as the condition of the road to access the glacier.   I think if we do it, I would probably want to hire a guide to be safe, so that compounds my concerns.  Imp is not the most coordinated kid to begin with, and I don't think I want to have to worry about him (or me!) on this...but we'll see.

If we decide to do Matanuska, it would probably be better to do it on this day, rather than Day 11. 

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