Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pre-trip planning: Day 4--Denali

This is an easy day to write about.  We're taking a shuttle bus into Denali to Eielson.  If it were just up to me, we'd go all the way to the end, but knowing that my kids might not make it that long, we compromised to take the 8 hour round trip ride.  I think they'll be OK on that length, since the promised of seeing wildlife will hold interest for awhile, and then they'll have activities to keep them busy.

We are on a morning shuttle...not too early, but it should be early enough to get us to Eielson to take a ranger hike or the stroll, if we want one.  I booked this on December 1, which is the first day that reservations could be made.  I figured, we had our dates locked in, why bother to wait?  The kids are free, and we'll get a $20 refund when we pick up our tickets because we have a National Parks pass.

One thing that we still need for this is a better zoom lens for my DSLR.  The best zoom I have right now isn't going to be enough (only 200mm).  We were hoping that the prices would come down a bit for the 300mm Pentax lens, but it hasn't happened.  I'm looking at renting the lens, because I don't know how often I'd use such a big zoom after this trip.

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