Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pre-trip Planning: Day 11--Mat-Su Valley to Seward

This day I am still uncertain about.  There are a lot of activities we could potentially do as we drive to Seward.  Because there are so many activities, doing the glacier hike on Day 10 would be preferable.

The things I've noted, and I'll probably add to this, include the following:

  • Reindeer Farm in Palmer
  • Musk Ox Farm in Palmer

Both of these sound interesting.  If we go to the Large Animal Research Facility in Fairbanks, we might skip these.  But we'll see.

  • Knik Glacier--I have this on our list, but I doubt we'll do it, given the limitations on our time and the additional expense when we have other somewhat pricey activities
  •   Cooper Landing--This would be a bit of a detour, but the Russian River Falls sound like they have the potential to be really cool.  Depending on how we feel on Day 12, this could get bumped to that day...but I doubt it
  • Exit Glacier--I am not sure if we can fit this in or not, but I'm putting it here as well as on Day 12.  
  • Alaska Sea Life Center--I am thinking of this as a "must see".  It's open until 9 PM, so we should be good to get a few hours in after dinner.  

 Typing this out has helped me sort my priorities.  After I had booked our plane tickets, I learned that there are two major events in Seward during our time frame.  One I knew about already, but the second one was a complete I had to rearrange a few things in order to get a hotel room that would not break the bank.  Because I could only get one night in Seward at that hotel, we will only be in Seward that one night.  That hotel does have a full kitchen, so again, we might be eating in.   We've paid for half of the lodging costs for this hotel.

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