Saturday, April 30, 2011

Project 64: Red Violet

The color over at Project 64 this week is red violet.

project64 button

I found it outside my house--finally!  By finally, I mean that we're finally seeing more spring-like weather.

I liked this photo a lot, until I saw the one I am going to enter.

Similar, yes, but the first photo doesn't provide the top of the branch the way the second one does.  I also like the greenish bokeh behind the flowers in the second one, since the photo is of a plant.  The tips of the leaves in the second one at the very top has red violet as well as the flowers and their stems.


  1. Pretty! I like the close up of the first one but the bokeh in the second! Great shots!

  2. they are both beautiful shots

  3. What beautiful blooms. I like both of them too.

  4. Both are stunning shots. I'm not sure which one I like best. But, then again, why do we have to choose? :-)

  5. I learned what bokeh is--googled it! Thanks for teaching me something new! :) Great pictures!