Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Heart Faces: Shadow

We went to a duck pond today to feed the ducks. Unfortunately, it's a popular spot and the ducks were overfed. There were full pieces of bread on the ground. My little guy enjoyed a piece of bread intended for the ducks and we moved on to a playground instead.

Before we left, I snapped this photo and managed to get his entire shadow in the shot. I tried at the playground as well but he was too quick for me.


  1. Yes, moving targets are hard to photograph! :-) Love the shadow!

  2. So cute! Hope the ducks are hungry next time!


  3. Cute! I love the expression on his face. We went to feed ducks yesterday, and they were overfed as well, there were about 10 heads of cabbage in there...(Do ducks even eat cabbage? lol!)

  4. This is a cute happy picture that captures your special memory! Isn't it fun to challenge ourselves with IHF to shoot in new ways? I enjoyed this challenge too and am glad to see your shadow entry!