Friday, April 29, 2011

Frame-A-Day: Week 17: 4/23-4/29

April 23--Easter Egg Coloring--The preparations for Easter kicked into high gear this morning, with the annual decorating of Easter eggs. Here, Earnest is claiming an egg as his own.

April 24--Happy Easter--Happy Easter! Holidays always give me a good excuse to attempt to get a decent family photo with a minimum of grumbling. As usual, we spent the day with my parents and my sister's family at their house. We had a wonderful lunch of ham, stuffed shells, meatballs and sausage, carrots, string beans, broccoli and twice baked potatoes, followed by the annual color-coordinated egg hunt and then back for dessert.

April 25--Shaking Things Up-Side Down--This is the version of our swing that has been hanging the last week or so.  Today, Trust decided to shake things up-side down, literally, in her swinging fun.

April 26--Getting His Hands Dirty--Before dinner tonight, Imp went outside to play.  Of the three kids, Imp seems to be the one to enjoy being outside the most.  When I went outside looking for him, he greeted me with "Mommy, my hands are dirty."  Of course, when you dig in the dirt, that is the risk you run; however, based on this photo, he didn't really seem to mind.

April 27--Daily Dinner Boycott--See where Imp's dinner plate is? Dinner is an ongoing battle with him these days. He comes home and immediately says he's not eating. Tonight's meal (rotisserie chicken on a biscuit, broccoli) was not quite rejected out of hand the way some are, but what you see is what he left after picking at the biscuit. What does he eat for dinner with no complaint? Pizza, hot dogs and oatmeeeeaaaaaallllll (creme brulee.) Otherwise, it's really hit or miss.

April 28--Swing Me, Please--Before Trust left for school this morning, she and Imp played a bit in the backyard. She tried swinging him and did get him going, as evidenced by the windy hairstyle Imp is sporting.

April 29--Princess-in-Training--Today was the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Although we didn't get up super early as many did, we did watch the post-ceremony carriage ride to Buckingham Palace and the first kiss live. I told Trust that Kate is a real princess and she quipped, "She's pretty pretty." Trust is past the princess stage but like most females of any age, got caught up in the pomp and circumstance along with me and kept track of the countdown clock to the traditional royal first kiss on the balcony.


  1. great pictures. what is it with kids and the dinner battle? I have two picky eaters who's choices rarely intercept. Oh well the joys of parenting.

  2. Adorable photos. I totally forgot to take a family picture. :(

  3. Love the family photo. My little one didn't care about the wedding until I told her Kate was a princess. We're starting to get into the princess phase and I love it.

  4. That upside down swing shot is way cool!