Friday, April 22, 2011

Frame-A-Day: Week 16: 4/16-4/22

*April 16--Brotherly Love--Earnest and Imp sharing a moment.

April 17--Visit to the Easter Bunny--We made our annual visit to the Easter Bunny today. We have been going there since Trust was 15 months old, back in 2005. For the first time in years, Earnest was excited and gladly sat alongside the bunny.

April 18--Oh, the Waiting...Today we spent the better part of the afternoon creating homemade Easter cards with the Silhouette cutter. Here, Earnest is waiting for pink zig zags so he can finish his card to Gran and Gramps. Each kid has a personal card with two photos of them and there is one main card with yesterday's photo with the Easter Bunny. They'll finish similar cards for Nana and Grampy later in the week.

April 19--Curling Up with a Good Book--Today I didn't shoot any photos until evening and was getting desperate. Then I realized that it might be nice to have a shot of Trust reading, as she enjoys it and does it every night before going to sleep. Look how good she is at posing as if no one were there taking her picture. Cool as a cucumber.

April 20--Off to College--Trust has school vacation this week. Similar to earlier in the year, she accompanied me to school. She was so excited to go again that she packed her bag of activities three days earlier. She announced on her way out the door this morning that she was "off to college". I don't think the day quite lived up to her expectations as she had to sit through a 'boring', two-hour plant lecture and quite a few meetings. Perhaps second grade isn't so bad after all.

April 21--Lollipop!--Earnest attended his friend's Mario Brothers birthday party on Sunday.  It was quite the fete, with a clown face painter, a bounce house, balloons, marzipan shaped candies of the Mario characters and a candy table.  He and Chretien brought home a few treats, including this sucker.  For dessert tonight he finally ate it and enjoyed every lick.

April 22--April Flowers, Round II--On April tenth, Trust drew tulips on our driveway with chalk. Today, we have real tulips that Chretien bought earlier in the week. We're still hoping that true spring arrives soon and we see more of these outside soon.

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  1. Great photos. Love the tulips. Thanks for linking up! Have a Happy Easter!

  2. Great week of photos! My favorite is of Trust reading. Very sweet!

  3. Love the shot of Trust reading.

    And the tulips. I can't wait for them to appear here, either! :)

  4. Great week of photos! The one of your daughter reading is great, I love the one of your two boys together too, brotherly love, aww :)