Monday, November 14, 2011

Project 64: Purple Mountains' Majesty

The color this past week at Project 64 is purple mountains' majesty.

project64 button

This color should not have been difficult, but it was for me.  I had things around the house (sippy cups, a few toys) that would have fit the bill, but I wasn't so excited about those.

So, I wound up using this photo instead:

The lower flower is the match, I think.

This hydrangea bush is special to me. Four and a half years ago, it was part of a floral arrangement at my grandmother's funeral. We brought it home after the funeral and planted it. It's grown quite a bit.

From this...

(All the flowers were from the funeral arrangement--you can see the hydrangeas in the front) this... four years.

Anyway, I love how the hydrangeas are always in full bloom right around her birthday in August. 


  1. Hydrangeas are such lovely plants. Your shot is gorgeous. I also like that they change color with the composition of the soil.