Saturday, November 5, 2011

Frame-A-Day Week 44: 10/29-11/4

Every week when I type the subject line, I marvel that we're in the 40s for the weeks.  Honestly, how did we get to this point?  Definitely the homestretch now.

October 29--Soccer Season Finale--Trust had her last soccer game today, held indoors due to the rain and impending snow.  (Yes, more snow in October.)  The kids played the parents and received their trophies; Chretien played goalie while keeping an eye on the boys.

October 30--Old Friends--Yesterday I went to meet up with some college girlfriends for an overnight. I enjoyed a nice dinner and hours of catching up. This morning we had a leisurely morning and then a lunch at Chili's before heading back to our five respective states.

October 31--Trick or Treat--Despite the late start due to a figure skating lesson, the cold and even a little lingering snow from the weekend, we managed to go trick or treating and get our fill of candy.

November 1--A Golden Afternoon--Despite my school's urban location, there are some lovely parts of campus.  I have enjoyed seeing these pumpkin leaf bags dangling from the trees as the facilities staff have raked the fallen leaves.

November 2--Ingenuity--The boys were awake by 6 AM; I told them that they needed to stay in bed while I took a shower.  I was hoping they'd go back to sleep or, at the very least, look at books, but when I got out, I could hear them playing with Hot Wheels and figured they couldn't stay put.  This is what I found when I emerged from the shower...they had moved the entire board of track onto Imp's bed, so they were actually doing what she had asked.  This made me giggle.  Good boys for following directions; smart boys for outwitting me.  I'm not sure what delighted me more in this case.

November 3--"Look at How Big I am, Mommy!"--...Well, yes, he certainly is.  Too big, too quickly...

November 4--Chain Reaction--Trust, Imp and I went to the Children's Museum for another Friday night.  Imp had a lot of fun with a new friend.  I kept handing the friend the balls and she would pass them, one right after the other, to Imp, who would promptly send them on their way down the length of track.

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  1. Great shots. Love that tree. So beautiful. Great costumes too.