Saturday, November 19, 2011

Frame-A-Day Week 46: 11/12-11/18

Zipping along through the year.  The end is in sight!

November 12--Hammering Out the Details--Today's "Build and Grow" workshop at Lowe's combined Chretien's love of building and my love of science--the kids built a "science lab" and took home cards with "experiments" to do at home; later we tried and failed to make Oobleck since we were a bit short on cornstarch.

November 13--Drive My Car--Imp found the remote controlled car today and took it out for a spin or two.

November 14--Swing Out, Sister--The tire swing is still getting use, despite the early nightfall these days.  The kids just love it.

November 15--Stuff the Turkey--Today the kids played "Stuff the Turkey" after school; this is based on a game by the same name which was played in school. They gathered various toys from one end of the yard to the other, where they then tried to assemble a structure using all the collected toys.

November 16--Turkey Time--We joke about how many turkeys live in our house. It looks like there are about four...the big one was made by Earnest, and the other three were made by each kid at the library.

November 17--We found a set of two puzzles/models from a Christmas that hadn't been opened yet; an elephant, which Earnest claimed, and this giraffe which Trust assembled.
November 18--Reading!...Earnest read a bunch of the Bob books this week.  It's so hard to believe he's starting to read.  He is so proud of himself, too.  It's fun to see his enthusiasm.  I hope he always enjoys reading.


  1. A great week of photos, esp. love the one of your son reading. Way to go Earnest!

  2. Love that first shot- always exciting when they start doing more & more crafts like that.

  3. Love the tire swing shot! :D

  4. Love these photos. I love that tire swing shot. Looks like a great week.

  5. Love the turkeys on the door and the fact that he is reading! My daughter is reading now and I LOVE listening to her.