Friday, November 11, 2011

Frame-A-Day Week 45: 11/5-11/11

November 5--Help a Brother Out--I took the kids to the Home Depot Kids' Workshop and we built Veterans' Day/Christmas picture frames.  Imp enlisted Earnest's help with the finishing sticker touches.

November 6--Mini-golf Madness--We had a coupon for a round of mini-golf which was slated to expire in a few days. The benefit of waiting until November to use it was that we had free reign of the course as we were the only ones there. The kids had a great time, and we capped it off with ice cream cones for lunch, which were also included in the deal.

November 7--Earnest Boy--Just love this photo of our Earnest boy.  The lighting was good, his expression is cute.  His hair needs a cut but that's to be expected more often than not with five year old boys, no?

November 8--Face Painting Fun--Trust's Brownie troop had fun with glittery face paints today...and then fun hamming it up with their leader.

November 9--Flying Horses--An early morning playtime with the Fisher Price zoo and ancillary pieces, including this horse who just wanted to break free and fly away, courtesy of Imp.

*November 10--Sounding It Out--Earnest took Trust's homework assignment and "read" all the "the's" and "a's".  It took me aback.  I keep forgetting that he's in kindergarten and growing up.  The real photo doesn't have his hand chopped off, but since Trust's name was prominent at the top of the paper, I cropped this photo to share here.

November 11--Happy Veterans' Day--The idea for this photo was entirely Trust's; I am so proud of her for thinking of this.  The kids have really gotten into Veterans' Day this year.  Imp kept saying that it was "Daddy's Special Day" or "Daddy's holiday" and wondered where the "nesents" were.

Only seven weeks left of the year!


  1. What a lovely week of photos, you have a beautiful family.

  2. Great shots. Mini golf sounds fun. Looks like a wonderful week. Thanks for linking up.

  3. Hi!
    Great snapshots! Love the flying horse picture. Have a great day!

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