Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quarterly Top Five Photos

NapTime MomTog

This isn't a photography contest per se, but rather a chance to share favorite photos from the first three months of 2011.

So, in no particular order:

My daughter with her American Girl doll in matching outfits that my mother-in-law made them for Christmas.  I thought they both looked cute together.

My older son at the playground. He takes after me in that in many photos, he is blinking or his eyes are closed. In this photo, I managed to catch him with eyes open and he just looks healthy and happy to me with those rosy cheeks.

I like how I've caught my younger son just having what looks like the time of his life on the swing.

Love the concentration and determination on his face.  Also pleased that this was shot in manual with no flash.  This family room is so poorly lit and I often have to resort to using a flash if I want to get anything decent. 

This is one of our cats, Moe.  This is taken near the same window as the previous photo, and again, I was so thrilled that I caught a decent photo with no flash and in manual mode.  I also like the warm colors (and how Moe coordinates with the color of the woodwork surrounding him).


  1. You should definitely be proud of your photos in manual! Great job!! The one of your cat is beautiful! Love the colors!! You captured some great personalities! Love the one of your son in the swing!! And the concentration on the trains :O) Great job!! Thanks for linking up!

  2. So adorable! Love the train photo and the last one. Yay for manual mode!

  3. very sweet photos. I love the American Doll. And the one with the trains totally reminds me of my son. :)

  4. That swing shot is so sweet. I just love the look on his face.

    Thanks for linking up with us.

  5. I love the swing shot. His face is priceless! Pretty Kitty Cat too!!

  6. love the Thomas photo. it's always fun to watch children concentrate while playing

  7. What fun to see everyone's top 5 photos.
    The one with your daughter and her doll is so sweet and priceless. My girls never got into dolls at all....stuffed animals yes!