Sunday, March 13, 2011

Project 64: Plum

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This week's color over at Project 64 was plum.  I think of that color as more red than what is shown in the Crayola crayon.  When I went searching in my kids' big box of crayons, it was funny; plum was right on top.

I colored on paper and it does come out a bit more reddish than how it photographed.

I had a few candidate items to photograph, but then on Thursday, I snapped this photo and realized that Trust had a plum ponytail elastic on her right braid.

This is her for Pioneer Day at her school.  We decided to do her hair a la "Little House on the Prairie".  I don't think her shirt or the left ponytail holder is the right shade, but the right one matches pretty well and there is a plum looking swirl in her apron design.

To get the full pioneer girl effect, you need to see the entire ensemble that she created.

Yes, I know that the colors are a bit interesting, especially for this audience, but she wanted to wear this combination, although I suggested some alternates.

So that is my plum.


  1. I love that reflection shot!
    I can imagine pioneer days was a lot of fun.
    I think she's rocking the look. :)

    Carletta@Round The Bend

  2. I think you captured the Laura Ingalls Wilder look very well. I love it when classes incorporate living history lessons.

  3. Aww cute! I love braids!

  4. So sweet. My kids school missed any kid of spirit week this year I just realized. It is kind of fun for them to dress up. I love the idea of pioneer days for sure.
    Great capture for P64

  5. so cute, thanks for playing along at proejct 64

  6. LOL at you suggesting alternates! Sounds like my girls! She looks adorable and the plum is perfect.