Saturday, March 19, 2011

Project 64: Scarlet

I went to a flower show this week.  I was on spring break from school, so I was a lady of leisure (ha--I took my almost three year old with me).  I knew that I'd probably see a lot of scarlet there, as well as a lot of other colors.

I wasn't disappointed.

I think this was the best match for scarlet (the lower flower) in the photo above.

I think the large flower in the lower left matches, too, but I think there are too many other distracting colors in this one.  I approach this project with the idea that the color should almost be one of the subjects and not an afterthought, and with so many other colors, I like the first photo better.

I think the leaves on the left are a good match for scarlet; the plant on the right might be a little too orange, but the overall photo is too shadowy/dark.

So I'm sticking with the first photo as my submission.

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  1. I like them all, but I agree, the first one is my favorite!

  2. What a pretty flowers!love them!

  3. beautiful! a great scarlet find! Thanks for linking up with project 64!

  4. Gerber Daisies! This is my favorite color in that pretty flower! Nice find!

  5. I like the middle one because I love how all the colors go together! Hope you enjoyed your spring break! Thanks for being part of P64.

  6. Flower shows are so much fun with or without a camera! These colors are lovely. The bottom one may be a bit on the orange side, but I like the composition.

  7. We had spring break last week too. We hit the botanical gardens. It was so nice walking around and taking pictures.
    Lovely captures for all three.