Sunday, July 29, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 30--7/22-7/28

Week 30!  Wow!

July 22--I can't show the photo from today, in the interest of anonymity.

July 23--Stop!  Don't Shoot!!--It's always fun to cool off on a hot summer afternoon with a water fight.

 July 24--Twenty-fourth of July Fireworks--Earnest did this project at camp back around Independence Day, but he just brought it home this week.  We wanted a picture before it got "recycled", although after I took it he then decided he wanted to hang it in his room for awhile.

July 25--Summer Interns--This summer hasn't been all fun and games for me.  For the first time, we are allowing students to take their biotech internships for credit over the summer.  This week, I visited all six of them at their various labs in the area.  Here I am with one of our students and her supervisor.

 July 26--Jeopardy!--At Earnest's camp this summer, the kids have been working on social behaviors with the Superflex system--a host of characters which help young kids develop social thinking and skills.  Today was their play.  The kids were given scenarios where one of the Unthinkables were interfering with positive interactions and the kids described what they should do.  For bonus points, they tossed a basketball into a hoop.

 July 27--Vacation Bible School-Sky--Trust attended Vacation Bible School this week.  This year, her friend was there with her, so she enjoyed it even more than last year.  Like last year, the week ended with the participants singing a few songs for family and friends.

 July 28--After--Trust had her cracked front teeth bonded on Thursday.  I have to say it makes all of us happy to have her pretty smile restored.


  1. Awww! What a beautiful week with beautiful kiddos! You capture them perfectly!

  2. The school I teach at using SuperFlex and the Unthinkables! Helped us so much this year! Love the craft, too!

  3. Great photos, her smile is beautiful!

  4. Awww. Sweet photos. Love that last one.

  5. Looks like a great week. I work in a research lab at the Vet School in Davis, CA and we have many students come through during the summer. Summers are always busy times for us but it's fun to have some new faces and eager learners around. Glad your daughter got her smile back.