Sunday, July 15, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 28--7/8-7/14

July 8--Sunday Skype--It's Sunday night, and that means it's time to Skype with Gran and Gramps.

 July 9--Dump!--The kids have created a new game called "Dump".  Judging by the equipment used, the dirty area, and the resultant looks of the participants, I'd say the name is very appropriate.

July 10--Kale for Trust--Trust and I attended a Young Scientists program at the library tonight.  It was presented by Whole Foods, so of course the talk included free samples of a yummy smoothie with strawberries, blueberries, oranges, plums, pomegranate juice and kale.  Can I say that I love that Trust was excited to hear about the science and is looking forward to the next program?

 July 11--Going Up and Down--Imp and I had fun riding the teeter totter today.

In the interest of anonymity, I cannot post the picture from July 12.

July 13--Still Summer--We bought a hanging basket of flowers from Home Depot last week on sale.  So funny, because I still think we have a lot of summer yet, but all types of stores will beg to differ with me.

July 14--Since we learned about the broadcast of the newest American Girl movie tonight, Trust had been looking forward to watching it.  It turned into a big time viewing, with blankets and brothers and dolls.  I am very amused at Imp's American Girl Doll, Bullseye (and his penguin "Woody" is almost out of the frame.)  The boys only lasted until the first commercial break, but Trust watched the entire movie with interest, although having to wait through commercial interruptions was novel.

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  1. You're having a lot of fun! Love the event you went to at the library, how fun and tasty!