Monday, July 23, 2012

Frame a Day '12: Week 29: 7/15-21

July 15--Putting on the Brakes--While we were on vacation, Chretien had to replace one of the rear brake pads.  Today, under less urgent conditions, he replaced the other one.  Earnest was taking notes.  Although he probably can't change brakes (yet), he did learn the names and uses of some of the wrenches.

 July 16--Statue of Liberty, Lego Style--Our library had a Lego contest tonight.  The kids were given a bag of assorted Legos and were instructed to construct a building.  Trust was very resourceful and traded some of the Legos that she didn't need or want to get ones to create her entry, the Statue of Liberty.  Earnest did not really compete and he and I just built different structures from his bag.

 July 17--Let the Games Begin!--Imp and I went to the library today for some Olympic crafts.  He made the laurel wreath, a torch (which he was calling "his campfire"), a bookmark and a swimmer/gymnast on a stick which you could put in either the pool or a balance beam and slide the stick so they could compete.  We're ready over here!

 July 18--Truck Day--It was a dream come true for the boy who loves to push buttons, pull levers and turn knobs...Truck Day!

 July 19--Hot (?) Summer Nights--This child just makes me laugh and wonder.  Even with the cooling thunderstorms we had yesterday, it still gets very warm in my kids' rooms.  Imp insists that we cover him up with his angel blanket every night.  I suppose it could be worse.  During the cooler weather, he wants both his angel blanket and his ducky blanket.  I suppose it's not a huge surprise, as his daddy always wants a blanket as well, even during the warmest summer nights.

I have never come so close to missing a day before.  It's not that I didn't have photos, but for some reason, my cell phone was acting up and they are all ghosty, blurry and unusable.  I am so glad I sat down about 40 minutes ago to look at them and didn't wait until tomorrow to retrieve them, because then I would have been out of luck.  The photo for today should have been one of Trust and Earnest painting suncatchers at the library.  Oh, well.

 July 20--Chips off the Old Block--Trust tripped and did a face plant on the playground at camp.  Unfortunately, her two front teeth were the biggest casualties of the fall.  We managed to get an emergency dental visit late in the afternoon, and thankfully, there appears to be no nerve damage.  As luck would have it, she has a regular cleaning appointment next week, so they will take a better look at that time and figure out how to proceed.

 July 21--Sisters?--Trust's friend came over for a sleepover.  They had planned many fun activities, including water games, movies, reading books and creating new T shirts with fabric markers.  I was amused at the color coordination of the girls here.  I almost think they could pass for sisters.


  1. What a fun week you had!! Love Trust's lego building!

  2. Great photos. Love the last three.

  3. Sounds like your library has some great programs and lots of fun activities for the kids. Sorry about the teeth. My youngest did this too recently and we're still trying to figure out what exactly to do. They look fine from a distance but up close there is a whole layer of enamel missing off one tooth. He too sees the dentist again next week. Fun times-- had to be his new two front permanent teeth too. *sigh*

  4. @Packmom--I am sorry about your son's teeth. The ironic thing is that my older son knocked a front tooth out last year, but it was a baby tooth. At the time, the dentist said to me to be thankful it wasn't a permanent tooth. He is just six now, and went through the entire year of K without a tooth in that spot.