Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 26: 6/24-6/30

I've been away for two weeks and missed the linky for Week 25. If you are interested in that week, you can find the post here.
June 24--That's (Mr.) Incredible!--......as well as Frozone and our own three superheroes posing together at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  Nothing could keep these superheroes apart, not even Tropical Storm Debby, who tried to put a damper on things.  We had a great, albeit very wet, day.

June 25--Down by the Riverside--We drove to Chattanooga to meet my in-laws today.  After a barbecue dinner, we strolled along the Tennessee River.  This scene just seems to typify a sunny southern evening down by the riverside.

 June 26--Lover's Leap--We spent the day touring some of the sites of Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga today.  We visited the Incline Railway, a cable car which climbs the mountain at a 72% angle, Ruby Falls, which is a waterfall 300 feet underground in a cave, and Rock City, which is a gorgeous rocky trail which affords amazing views around every turn.  Here at Lover's Leap, we could view seven states as well as this waterfall.

 June 27--Taking the Plunge--We visited Dollywood's Splash Country today.  Like most water parks, they had a version of a scary-looking, super fast slide called Fire Tower Falls.  Of course, Chretien had to try it out.  Earnest climbed the steps with him, but came up just a bit short in his height measurement to be able to take the plunge.

 June 28--Dollywood's Answer to "It's a Small World"--Imp loves all things mechanical.  If it has a knob, it must be opened.  If it has a switch, it must be flipped.  If it has a crank, it must be turned.  If it is a water cannon, it will enthrall him for hours on end.  This ride is called "River Battle" and it was literally a dream come true for Imp.  You sit in a boat and fire off the water cannons at targets, other boats, and not-so-innocent people on shore, who are also firing water cannons back at you.  We joked that Imp could have spent all day there, and if it grew dark around him, he would not have noticed one bit as long as the water kept flowing and the gay little ditty kept blaring from the overhead speakers.  The funny thing is, I think Chretien not-so-secretly enjoyed the ride as much as his son, despite protesting about riding.  (Note that I had already ridden and was trying to dry off.)

June 29--I Got the T-shirt--This was a big week for me. On Sunday, I rode my very first looping roller coaster ever at Disney, the Rock N Roller Coaster. Although that coaster is way more intense than the Sooper Dooper Looper at Hersheypark, the coaster as Hersheypark is the first one I remember as a looping coaster from childhood. At the time, I was in awe of those who were brave enough to ride it. I never dreamed I would ride it someday, so when I actually did ride it tonight, I figured I had earned the shirt. As a disclaimer, we all rode it, even Imp.

 June 30--Coal Cracker Crusaders--On our last full day of vacation, we had an entire day of fun at Hersheypark.  We spent part of the day at the Boardwalk, Hershey's waterpark, and then another part just riding regular attractions in the main park.  Coal Cracker is a flume ride but we were prepared for the water as we still wore our bathing suits.  Ironically, we barely got wet on it, but we did have fun, as this photo attests.

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