Sunday, July 8, 2012

Frame A Day '12: Week 27: 7/1-7/7

7/1--Home Sweet Home--Thirteen days, fourteen states, 3575 miles and countless hours in this minivan. Five theme parks, three hotels, two stays at grandparents' houses. Arriving home safely and getting the car unpacked and bags put away? Priceless.

 July 2--Dream Big Read!--The library's summer reading program has begun in earnest.

 July 3--A Quintessential Summer Image--Doesn't this pose just scream summer?  A kid reading a book on a swing, with not a care in the world...I think this is timeless.

 July 4--A Sparking Good Holiday--We got some sparklers and small fireworks while we were on vacation, and had our own little show tonight.  Happy Independence Day!

 July 5--Alphabet Soup--We went to the story and craft at the l today.  The theme was the library today.  The them was the alphabet, and for the craft, the kids strung letters on string to make bracelets and necklaces.  Imp created a new way to spell his name...with the V, X and Z, it will perfect if he moves to a Slavic nation, I think.

 July 6--Summer Camp--Earnest was in the inclusion classroom for kindergarten. His teacher recommended him as a role model for a camp that is held during the summer for some of the kids who have extended school year services. It's at a local elementary school, and it has your basic camp components, including crafts, music, water play and the activities will culminate in a performance the last week of camp. Despite the school being fairly close by, transportation is included in the camp fees, and the nicest perk is that each kid is dropped off in front of their house in the afternoon. Despite never having taken a school bus before, Earnest seems to have adapted to this quite well.

 July 7--Fiery Skies--We went to see fireworks tonight, since we didn't make it on Wednesday.


  1. Love these!!! Glad you all made it home safe from your trip. Sounds like fun. Love that last photo. Hope you all are doing great. :)

  2. Love, love that reading on a swing shot. Wish I could do that! Looks like a great week.