Sunday, October 23, 2011

Project 64: Catch up for weeks 38-41

I mentioned in my Gold post today that I missed four weeks.  I sat down tonight and went through the photos I took during these weeks and found some that fit the bill.  I did have to bend time a little bit in some cases, but I'd rather be caught up from here on out than be still looking for these outstanding colors.

So, here we go...

Week 38:  Bittersweet

This one I shot on October 23, so about a month late.
I just love the mums in the fall, don't you?

Week 39:  Periwinkle

This is a tough color.  I had to go all the way back to July 17th, our vacation, to find this color at all, and I don't even love the photo in that there are wires cutting across the photo, but in the interest in moving on, I'll go with it.
Despite the technical issues, I do think the clouds and sky in the upper part of the photo match periwinkle.

Week 40  Brick red

This does not seem to be the color I think of when I think of brick red. It almost seems too pink.

Here is my match. I took this on September 5:
My older two kids were getting ready to enjoy one last boat ride of the season at our local amusement park.

Week 41: Burnt orange

Interestingly, this photo was taken on October 10, which was in the correct time frame!  Too bad I wasn't paying attention very closely to the website.

My daughter, mom and I went to a botanical garden and took a hay ride. 

I feel good, now that I've caught up!

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