Sunday, October 2, 2011

Frame-A-Day Week 39: 9/24-9/30

Craziness abounds!  This semester has been really tough, since I'm not used to having 8:30 AM classes four days a week.  If my commute weren't so bad (about an hour each way, but only if I leave prior to 6:45--otherwise, it's well over an hour), this time of day wouldn't be tough, but I'm dragging, since I'm not going to bed early enough to get up at 5:15 on a regular basis.

Anyway, enough of this.  Onward to the photos for the past week.

September 24--Victory!--The kids were practicing T-ball in the yard.  It looks like Imp attacked the tee and won?

September 25--Climb Every Mountain--...or at least, the steps to the 'climb house'. The expression on Imp's face just kills me. Hee.

September 26--Doing Things the Hard Way--Not sure why Earnest was climbing over the deck railing rather than taking the conventional steps, but it probably made sense to him.

September 27--Star of the Day--In Earnest's kindergarten class, each child has taken a turn being the "star of the day".  This entails bringing in an object for show and tell and other privileges, including leading the line for lunch.  Earnest opted to bring his favorite blanket, a superhero blanket that he received for his birthday from Nana and Grampy.  This amuses Nana, since this gift was a last minute grab.

September 28--The Many Faces of Apple--Earnest has been studying Johnny Appleseed and apples in general for the past few weeks.  This was a book he brought home today.  Chretien and I got a good chuckle over the expressions, including 'sleepy' and 'mad'.   Earnest didn't devise those expressions on his own, but they were still amusing.

September 29--Tongue Tied Times Two--When I arrived home today, I had two little boys greet me with a "Hi, Mommy"; the scene I saw made me feel good.  They were doing a puzzle together, and from the looks of this photo, focusing quite intently on the task at hand.  Just look at their tongues!

September 30--Riding a Bike!--Trust capitalized on her day off today by finally learning how to ride a bike.  I was so surprised when I rounded the corner onto our street and saw her on her bike.  Go Trust!


  1. Such cute shots of your boys and iblovw the one of Trust riding. Wonderful. Looks like a really fun week. Thanks for linking up.

  2. I love the puzzle shot and the one of Trust riding her bike. We have been working with out oldest on riding without training wheels and it feels like such a drawn out process. :)