Friday, October 14, 2011

Frame-A-Day Week 41: 10/8-10/14

*October 8--If I Had a Hammer--Oh, wait, they all did have hammers this morning, at Lowe's "Build and Grow" kids' workshop.  Each made a "Monster Machine", a little box with blocks with monster parts which rotate on a dowel, where one can mix and match body parts for crazy combinations. Too bad they didn't learn how to do kitchen renovations.  Maybe next time.  (This photo is cropped since Trust and Earnest had name tags on).

October 9--It's Magic--We went to our amusement park today and attended a magic show.  The magician showed us how a particular table just levitates on its own; it came down into the audience with the magician in tow.  The table "selected" Trust to come on up and help with the magic.

October 10--Autumn Fun--Trust, my mom and I went to an autumn festival at a local botanic garden. The garden itself is lovely as it's perched on a hill with a view of the mountains.  There were crafts for purchase, kid crafts, a hayride and alpacas, a goat and chickens to visit.

October 11--Little Fishies--We went to get our flu shots tonight.   The boys enjoyed looking at the aquarium while we awaited our turn.

*October 12--The Summer Olympics--This is part of Trust's poster; the actual photo for today has her name prominently displayed.  She had her first non-fiction book report/project to complete.  It wound up being a bit of a group effort, what with my printing the letters and a real photo of Chretien and me on the podium at the stadium in Sydney, and Chretien's help in doing the layout.  It turned out pretty well in the end.

October 13--Happy Anniversary to Us--Chretien and I celebrated nine years of marriage today.  He made a wonderful dinner of apple maple chicken, similar to what was served at our wedding reception.  We finished it off with this special yummy cake.  It was such a nice surprise.

October 14--You Can't See Me--At least, that is what Imp thought as he buried himself under our two very soft blankets.  So funny how little kids think that if they hide their faces, we can't see them.


  1. Happy Anniversary! The cake looks delicious!

  2. That cake looks so yummy! Great week of photos :)

  3. Such great shots. Love that rooster. Happy anniversary. That looks yummy. I keep meaning to take Dustyn to lows.

  4. Love the cake! It looks amazing!

  5. Looks like a great week!
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