Friday, October 28, 2011

Frame-A-Day Week 43: 10/22-10/28

Another big milestone was attained this week...we hit day 300!  We're in the homestretch.

October 22--The Yellow Jelly Beans-- Last tee ball game of the season.  Here are all the mighty members of the Yellow Jelly Beans--and a few of the dads-- with Chretien.  Everyone got a trophy and a "good job".  See you in the Spring!

October 23--Orange You Glad We Visited the Pumpkin Patch?--Earnest had been asking for a few weeks when we were going to get our pumpkins this year.  Last year we missed out because he was sick the day we planned on going.  Today we went and came home with a few good ones.

October 24--Just Hangin' Around--Earnest taught himself how to hang upside down and flip over today, purely by accident.  Once he got the hang of it, so to speak, he tried it again.  It likely won't be the last time.

October 25--Improvisation--Just about a month ago, on September twenty-sixth, we saw Earnest scaling the deck's railing rather than using the steps.  Now we have both boys using the railing as their own personal workout station.  Who will be next?  An entire gymnastics team?

October 26--Dig Those Shades--I had my annual eye exam, complete with pupil dilation, two hours before my virology class.  Not only did I forget to bring my sunglasses with me on this rainy Wednesday, I forgot that I even owned prescription sunglasses, which would have been more stylish than these disposable lenses from the doctor.  I had a few more minutes to kill before walking over to class, which went fairly well, despite the challenge of lecturing with dilated pupils.

October 27--I do have a photo for today, but in the interest of maintaining privacy, I cannot share it.

October 28--Say It Ain't So...Snow!...Last night, we had our first dusting of snow of the season.  This morning, it was in the 30s and the snow was lingering for a bit.  I captured evidence of this early snow on the last of the hydrangeas.


  1. I can't believe snow already! Great pics this week. I love the one in the pumpkins, but my favorite is the upside down photo. Very cute!

  2. Hi!
    Great snapshots! It felt like it could have snowed yesterday. Love the upside down picture. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  3. Awesome photos. Snow? Eeekk... So not ready for that. Thanks goodness we don't get much here. So funny about your shades.