Monday, May 30, 2011

Project 64: Yellow Orange

The color this week at Project 64 was yellow orange:

project64 button

It's been crazy busy this week, with end of the school year activities. I didn't start looking for the color until the end of the week, and even then, I knew I wasn't hitting it.

Today I figured I'd hit the kids' toys, because I've been lucky with them before. They didn't fail me this time, either.

This is the set up, so the actual photo I'm going to submit will have some context:
This is my son's dinosaur set. I saw some yellow orange in the cloud and the lava coming out of the volcano that is imprinted on the mat.

However, when the dinosaur keeled over, I realized that his entire underside fit the bill as well. So, this is my entry for the week: