Friday, May 6, 2011

Frame-A-Day: Week 18: 4/30-5/6

April 30--Yellow Polka Dot Bikini--Today was Trust's ice skating show. The theme this year was colors; each routine had a color in its song title or lyrics. Trust's group skated to "(Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny) Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" and did a great job. Here we see all thirteen (!) girls skating across the iceand having a lot of fun.

Just for fun, here are a few more:

And a cute one with a school friend:

May 1--Thrill Seekers--Think Earnest likes coasters? He loves, loves, love them. He is fascinated by the big ones and a good day at an amusement park to him is being able to watch the biggest ones for a good long time. Of course, he isn't tall enough to ride too many so he'll probably have to wait another year or two to ride anything that requires 48" (he's probably about 44" now). Meanwhile, we'll all ride the kiddie coaster and have fun there. In this photo, you can see my entire family (Imp and Chretien in the front and Trust and Earnest in the back).

May 2--More Thomas and Friends--There are already a few other train table photos in this 2011 collection, but what can we say?  The boy loves him some Thomas and Friends.  I especially love his thoughtful expression here.

May 3--For You, Mommy--Earnest presented me with these flowers, and said, "I have a surprise for you, Mommy."  These are the prototypical moments that mothers live for.  Who cares if it's been played out in thousands of yards, parks or schools all over the word?  It still turns a mom's heart to mush.  At least, it did this mommy.

*May 4--Block-A-Thon--Today was the daycare's Block-A-Thon to raise money for youth activities in the community. Each child had fifty-two blocks and were encouraged to build towers to see how many blocks they could balance within a fifteen minute time limit. Earnest chose another approach and built a "Star Wars" ship and consequently, built outward and used up all of his blocks.

May 5--A Present for Elysa--Tomorrow will be Imp's last meeting with his gross motor and speech therapist through Early Intervention, as he's turning 3 (3?!) next week and will be released to services through our town.  Elysa has been his therapist since September and it's actually good timing that he's done as she will be having a baby girl in a few weeks and be off on maternity leave anyway.  Imp helped me wrap gifts for Elysa tonight, and he practiced saying, "'Leesa, I have a present for you."  The word "for" was difficult, but he did say it.

May 6--Peek-A-Boo--Look at who's popped up in the kitchen window.  The boys were standing on the storage trunk that we have on the deck and surprised me, who ran and got the camera and managed to capture them.


  1. I love the ice skating photos. What fun!

  2. Great photos. Love all the ice skating photos. Wonderful job this week. Thanks for linking up.

  3. The ice show looks like so much fun. Congrats to Imp for graduating from EI!

  4. Love the 13 girls on skates... so cute! I wish we lived closer to an ice rink... 45 minutes is our closest one! too far for lessons! ha ha