Sunday, May 8, 2011

Project 64: Tumbleweed

How I wish this color had been a few weeks ago, when we still had the browns of winter. It's almost too bad that now that we have spring and I've captured some lovely pinks, that those colors are past.

However, we had a busy weekend where there were plenty of possibles for tumbleweed.

First we had my daughter's First Communion:
although I don't think those lighter colored stripes in the woodwork quite hit the mark, the overall cast of this photo seems brown.

And then we had this photo, which I love for itself and the fact that it was her First Communion and it's got the cross in the photo, but I don't think the cross is brown enough.

 Today for Mothers' Day we went to a zoo, and there was a lot of possible tumbleweed.

And there was even this greeting, which was fitting for Mothers' Day:

But I'm going to go with the giraffe, whose overall colors are brown, but I think his nose matches tumbleweed pretty darn well.

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  1. You found so many great matches for tumbleweed!

  2. You really did see many variations of tumbleweed.
    Love the giraffe.
    Your daughter looks so sweet too.

  3. LOVE the giraffe! They're my favorite at the zoo!

  4. I like them all! Great shots.

  5. Your daughter is beautiful!! Love all your matches for tumbleweed, especially the giraffe. What an amazing creature!!
    Great photos!