Monday, May 23, 2011

Frame-A-Day: Week 20: 5/14-5/20

May 14--You Spin Me Round and Round--Trust and Earnest have started riding the 'big kid' rides without Chretien or me. Look at how much fun they are having on this ride.

May 15--The Strong Men--Trust's school fair was held today. Imp is getting advice from Chretien on the best way to ring the bell and win a prize (ticket). The kids enjoyed all sorts of games as well as bounce houses and getting their faces painted.

May 16--An Oldie but a Goody--Ahhhh...Mr. Brown Can Moo.  One night in September 2007, I came home from teaching and Chretien told me about how cute the kids had been when he read the book, complete with all the noises, to them.  I was distracted, because I knew I had to take a pregnancy test, and broke the big news to him by asking him if he'd still like to read the book in two years (which would be when the new baby would be Earnest's age).  Evidently, almost four years later, it still enchants.

May 17--Eleven Years--Miney and Moe were our first 'kids'; they are brothers. We adopted them from their first owner, Chretien's former supervisor way back in July 2001. We were told they were born in May 2000, which, ironically, is the month we met. I always likes to think they were born on this anniversary, which is in five days, but we'll never know for sure. Today they were sleeping on Imp's bean bag chair when I struck with a photo. She managed to disturb Moe in the process, but he returned to sleep soon after. To this day, we always wonder whatever happened to Eeny and Meany?

May 18--Never Too Old for Thomas--Sure, he espouses Spidey, Ironman and other superheroes these days, but Earnest will still play with the train table every few days or so.  I'm sure that someday both he and Imp will age out of their love affairs with Thomas, but we're not quite there yet.  I wish the first engine, Hero was in focus as well as the others.

May 19--Now That's Italian--...or just a big mess!  Imp really enjoyed his dinner tonight.  Can't you tell?

May 20--Slumber Party--Trust and I left after work today for a weekend with some of the Brownies and their moms. Trust decided to help her friend out with her pigtails. Doesn't the photo scream "slumber party", even though the moms were going to be there as well?

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  1. Looks like a fun week. I love that first one and the cats and trains shots. Thanks for linking up. Have a great week!